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For more info on the series outside Worlds Unite, see the Breath of Fire Wiki.
Breath of Fire Crew

Momo, Honey, Garr, Ryu, Nina, and Peco.

Breath of Fire is a video game franchise created by Capcom which appeared as one of several franchises involved in the Worlds Unite crossover event between Archie Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, Archie Mega Man, and Archie Sonic Boom. The various characters who appeared in the crossover are primarily from Breath of Fire III.

Characters and Concepts


Rei Breath of Fire


  • Ryu-a noble warrior, last of the Dragon Boord.
  • Nina-the winged princess of the Wyndia.
  • Rei-a tigerlike warrior who is Teepo's older-brother-like guardian.
  • Teepo-a young orphan who travels with Rei.
  • Momo-a brilliant-if somewhat absent-minded-engineer.
  • Honey-Momo's feminine robotic companion.
  • Garr-a holy, dragon-like warrior.
  • Peco-a strange creature resembling a living onion.


Steel Grave Lost Shore

Steel Grave at Lost Shore.

  • Lost Shore-a beach area.
    • Steel Grave-a section of the Lost Shore littered with ancient and broken machinery.

Background Information

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