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The Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill in the Casino Night Zone.

The Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill is a rundown bar that used to be near the Badlands. It was originally a favorite among criminals for use as a hangout by mercenaries such as Nack the Weasel. In 3237, it was moved to the Casino Night Zone by Mammoth Mogul to act as a kitchen at his Casino Night Club and to hold secret meetings with fellow criminals.


Hangout for Criminals

Sonic the Hedgehog learned that Nack was hiding out at the BBBG from Badniks in the Robo Hobo Jungle while looking to capture the Weasel and clear his name for suspected insubordination prior to the Mecha Madness crisis. Briefly thwarted by the bouncer, Sonic broke in and confronted Nack while the other criminals fled. (StH: #40)

Mogul's Secret Meeting Place

The Bar 'n' Grill was used by Mammoth Mogul to arrange the capture Sonic the Hedgehog's shoes by meeting up with all of the henchmen he could find. The plan was thwarted, however, by Sally Acorn, Amy Rose, Geoffrey St. John and Rouge the Bat. But Mogul managed to escape arrest by saying they had no proof to counter the confession made by Sleuth Dawg, who said that it was his plan and Mogul knew nothing of it. Fiona Fox later came to the Grill looking for the Destructix for muscle in her own plans, only to find the group splintered. In the end, she left with only Sergeant Simian, Predator Hawk, and Flying Frog, Lightning Lynx having left to rejoin the Raiju Clan whilst Drago Wolf went to the Eggman Empire and Sleuth Dawg retiring from the mercenary business. (StH: #187, #188, SU: #15)


Background information

  • The BBBG was one of a number of elements that Ian Flynn revived after taking over as head writer for the Sonic comics, having not been utilized as a plot element since it's introduction in Sonic #40 until its return in Sonic #187.

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