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Bottlenose Dolpin is, as his name suggests, a Mobian bottlenose dolphin and a member of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters.


Freedom Fighter

Alongside his fellow Freedom Fighters, Bottlenose helped Tails defeat Octobot after the young Fox ran afoul of Dr. Robotnik's undersea Sub-Boss. Later he single-handedly defeated Eel Capone with his skills as a Finja Warrior, after creating a current that killed all of Capone's Mussels. His current technique led Crabmeat and Motobug to their defeats; he then helped take on the Misfit Badniks using his Finja skills on Bat Brain. He also took on Splats, but had to rely on Big Fluke to stop Pseudo Sonic. (StH: #185, TMS: #1, SMM)



Unlike his teammates, Bottlenose is actually known to have received combat training, namely as a Finja or undersea ninja. This training enhances his natural speed, which is rivaled by his leader Ray the Manta. As one of only two mammals in the group, and also the only one who is constantly with the team, he serves as the team's ambassador to the surface world. (CSE)

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