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You may be looking for Rotor Walrus, the prime version of Boomer who had "Boomer" as a childhood nickname. You may also be looking for Boomer Kuwanger of the Mega Man X series.

Boomer Walrus
First Appearance
Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #196

Biographical information

18 (born 3219)

  • Anti Rotor
  • Evil Rotor


Physical description


  • Fur: Purple
  • Eyes: Green
  • Leather jacket (formerly)
  • Baseball cap (formerly)
  • Grey/golden cybernetic implants
  • Spike club (formerly)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Cybernetic Enhancements (Duel Built-In Sonic Cannons)
  • Enhanced strength
  • Excellent Swimmer
  • High Intelligence
  • World-Class Engineering Skills

Boomer, also known as Anti Rotor, is the Moebius counterpart of Rotor Walrus. He is gifted with his alternate counterpart's skill in mechanics, but uses them against justice and freedom, making him an evil genius of sorts. He was originally part of the Anti Freedom Fighters and later served them when they were remade into the Suppression Squad by Scourge the Hedgehog. Boomer took his makeover to the extreme, modifying parts of his body with cybernetics to make himself a more formidable foe. He took part in the Suppression Squad's invasion of Mobius by stealing the Globe Posts from Dr. Ivo Kintobor and making them operational with the help of Miles and later taking part in the battles against the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Along with the rest of the Suppression Squad, Boomer mutinied against Scourge, and now continues to serve in the group.



In his youth, Anti Rotor joined the Anti Freedom Fighters, under Anti Sonic and Princess Alicia Acorn's leadership, following Anti-King Maximillian's overthrow and banishment to the Zone of Silence. From this point, Anti Rotor and his friends battled against the kindly Anti Robotnik, taking over and effectively trashing their version of Mobotropolis and constantly trying to find a way to breach Robotnik's shielded HQ. (SSS: #10)

Encounters with Mobius Prime

The encounters between Anti Rotor and their Mobius Prime counterparts began originally when, following Sonic the Hedgehog's first encounter with Anti Sonic, Boomer and the other Anti Freedom Fighters journeyed to Mobius Prime in a plot to discredit their counterparts by impersonating them and making trouble in Knothole. While the plan initially proceeded well, their counterparts, the Knothole Freedom Fighters, soon realized what was going on, and battled with the Anti Freedom Fighters, when he got switched with Antoine he was easily defeated after being kicked in the gut. (StH: #24)

Shifting Alliance


Boomer realizes he's been fighting Sonic Prime

For failing to defeat the Knothole Freedom Fighters during their incursion, Anti Rotor and the others believed Anti Sonic's failure was due to the fact that he was no longer able to properly lead. Tired of failure, Anti Rotor and the other Anti Freedom Fighters turned their backs on their leader, and he eventually joined them in siding with a new leader, Anti St. John. Shortly thereafter, when Anti St. John's own plans failed miserably, he too was abandoned, and instead Anti Sally took direct command of the Anti Freedom Fighters herself. Apart from battling Dr. Kintobor, the group also made eager attempts to kill their former leader Anti Sonic. Anti Rotor's creation, the Zone Link Generator, was used by both Patch and later Anti Sonic to replace their Mobius Prime counterparts, though Boomer and the rest of the Anti Freedom Fighters were unaware of the switch. When Sonic Prime ended up in Anti Mobius, Boomer and the others fought him, believing him to be Anti Sonic. However, Sonic Prime eventually defeated them and revealed the switch that had happened, and convinced Boomer to send him back to Mobius Prime. (StH: #150, #151, SSS: #10)

The Suppression Squad


Boomer taking his alterations to the extreme, looking to attach cybernetics to himself

Boomer remained with the group, until Scourge the Hedgehog (formerly Anti Sonic) and his new girlfriend Fiona Fox arrived on Anti Mobius via. Warp Ring after abandoning Dr. Finitevus, and, determined to set everything apart from their prime universe counterparts (due to core-rocking words courtesy of Sonic), conquered the planet within a matter of days, and subverted royal leadership when Scourge crowned himself King of Anti Mobius, and made Fiona his Queen. Boomer and the others were also taken over by Scourge, and re-formed and re-styled into the Suppression Squad. Unlike other members of the group, Boomer took his alterations to make himself distinct to the extreme, merging mechanical enhancements to his own body. (StH: #193) Boomer worked with Miles on repairing a pair of stolen Globe Posts, and used them to interface with the Star Posts in Freedom HQ, allowing the Squad to launch a daring invasion of the base, with Boomer taking part and firing the first shot. In the course of the battle, Boomer proved to be the most dangerous (courtesy of his new cybernetic enhancements), and injured Bunnie Rabbot. The Freedom Fighters, in the end, were forced to retreat, leaving Boomer and the Squad (temporarily) victorious. (StH: #188, #189, #190)

FF&SS vs Scourge

Boomer fighting Scourge and Fiona alongside the Suppression Squad and Freedom Fighters.

Later, Boomer and the others followed through on Miles' plan to get rid of Scourge with the help of the Freedom Fighters. Despite this they still proved no match for Scourge's might. It was only until Sonic's arrival that there true plan was revealed. Boomer personally incapacitated both Sonic and Scourge, while Miles sent both to Moebius, and Boomer sealed their escape by shutting down the globe posts, at least until Scourge was beaten. (StH: #193, #194, #195)

Boomer was horrified along with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad to see the sight of Super Scourge once they returned to Moebius. Despite the two groups attacks, they were no match for Super Scourge. Boomer attempted to blast him with his arm cannons, but was knocked aside when Patch was thrown into him. They then attempted to hold Scourge down until his power ran out, but this strategy proved fruitless. Luckily, Sonic's quick thinking put an end to Scourge and Boomer was forced to hand back the Globe Posts to his former ally and Dr. Kintobor's patient, Buns Rabbot. (StH: #196)


Boomer is an evil genius, on the level of Mobius Prime's late Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Boomer also possesses all of Rotor's muscle and intelligence, but the similarities end there, as he is willing to go to any lengths to create new inventions, and, along with his comrades, hates all things from the Primeverse, considering Rotor a pale shadow of himself. Boomer used his intelligence to create many of the Anti Freedom Fighters' gadgets and gizmos, most especially the Zone-Link Generator, making him responsible for the events that led to Anti-Sonic and Anti-Antoine getting switched for their Prime counterparts. While battling Bunnie, it's revealed that he became a Cyborg in order to "claw my way out of obscurity".

He appears to share several traits with the Dark Beast from the Marvel universe, possessing all of his double's skill and intelligence but none of the compassion or sense of restraint in experimentation.


Originally, Boomer's only abilities consisted of his mechanical prowess, considerable strength, and his combat skills, but after Scourge ordered the Suppression Squad to take new looks and names, Boomer used the opportunity to give himself cyborganic implants that allow him to cause sonic booms that send his enemies flying away from him.

Background Information

  • In issues StH: #188-190, Boomer's cybernetics originally appeared as a traditional metallic gray, but were changed to gold from StH: #192 onwards.
  • Like many of the inhabitants of Moebius, Boomer's name is derived from Rotor's childhood nickname; Boomer.
  • Boomer's sonic blasters seem to be based on Marvel Comics Spider-Man Villain The Shocker.
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