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Bluto was a planet that became one of the adopted homes for the Mobians, including Saleta when the Mobius of that zone was devastated during Robotnik counterpart's War of the Worlds. During their time on the planet, Saleta and her people learned to create and control light due to their home planet being so far from the sun they don't really get enough of it. However, the entire population, except for Saleta were slaughtered by the race known as the Shark. (StH: #103, #104)

Background Information

  • Bluto is a pun on the planet "Pluto", which was also one of the planet's far away from the earth's sun. Seeing as though Mobius was previously known as Earth, it is possible that Bluto was once Pluto.
  • It could be speculated that Bluto also exists in the Prime Zone.

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