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This is the article on the dark wizard. For the Black Arms leader, see Black Death (Black Arms).
Black Death

Black Death

Black Death was a Mobian cat and a powerful sorcerer, one of three dark magic users encountered by Knuckles the Echidna during his search for the Sword of Acorns. Having heard of Black Death from the Ancient Walkers as the "sorcerer who stands alone", Knuckles met him and his much weaker partner, the Enchantress, on Angel Island. Black Death attacked Knuckles, leaving him vulnerable to a mesmerizing spell cast by the Enchantress. (StH: #45)

The two kept Knuckles as their servant for some time, intending to subject the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters to their will as well, until Sir Connery arrived in his mission from the Walkers to destroy all evil magicians using his Sword of Light. Attacking his old foes with a vengeance, Connery disrupted the Enchantress' spell on Knuckles, freeing the Guardian so he could do battle with Black Death. Despite gaining the upper hand with his magic, the sorcerer was beaten when Knuckles used some quick thinking and magic tricks of his own to confuse and defeat him. Both Black Death and the Enchantress were then taken away by Sir Connery, who put an end to them once and for all. (StH: #45)

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