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Bimmy sound asleep while his wife tries to wake him up

Bimmy was a Mobian Echidna and a citizen of Echidnaopolis. When Julie-Su crashed through his apartment's window in order to survive a fall, his wife attempted to warn him a stranger was in the house. However, he slept through the entire ordeal. (KtE: #15)

Over a year later, Bimmy was captured and imprisoned in an Egg Grape Chamber where he perished. (StH: #141)

Background Information

  • Issue #243 opens with a young echidna boy seeing the Death Egg out of the window of his school. His teacher Komi-Ko refers to him as "young man" in text that has been noticeably altered from the original lettering due to the Penders case. According to writer Ian Flynn he was originally called Bimmy Jr. as an in-joke.[1]

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