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Best of Sonic the Hedghog
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  • February 2015
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Archie Comics

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Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Comics Ultimate Edition is an over 300 page graphic novel that is a part of the Best of Sonic the Hedgehog graphic novel series of reprints. It serves as a near-complete omnibus of the first two volumes of said series, as well as stories that were originally planned to be in the cancelled Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 3.




  • Forward by Ian Flynn
  • Rage Against the Machine (StH#39)
  • Mecha Madness (SMM)
  • Future Tense: Part 1 (StH#215)
  • Future Tense: Part 2 (StH#216)
  • Lost in the Moment (StH#231)
  • Dark Tidings (StH#232)
  • Dark Hearts (StH#234)
  • Forged In Fire (SU#50)
  • Babylon Rising: Part One- Remembrance (SU#33)
  • Scrambled: Part 3- Line in the Sand (SU#39)
  • Scrambled: Part 4- In the Name of Love (SU#40)
  • Endangered Species: Part 3- Restoration Effort (StH#245)
  • Endangered Species: Part 4- One of a Kind (StH#246)
  • The Great Chaos Caper: Part 1- On the Hunt (SU#63)
  • I Am (StH#171)
  • Shadow Fall: Part One- Into the Unknown (SU#59)
  • Father & Son (StH#192)

Background Information

  • The cover art was first used for Sonic Super-Sized Comics Digest #6.
  • Two stories from the first volume are omitted from this collection: the "Order from Chaos" 2-parter and "Endgame: For the Whom the Bell Tolls".
  • The remaining stories in the book that were not included in the first two released volumes are assumed to be from the cancelled book three. This is based on the fact that said book would've focused on Sonic's rivals, and the stories in question seem to focus on exactly that.