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Benedict at a political rally

Benedict was a robot created by the Dark Legion to run in the Echidnaopolis elections in 3236. Realizing their previous attempts to violently seize power constantly failed, Dimitri decided to gain power in Echidnaopolis "legally". With Benedict as their candidate, they hoped to win the High Councilor elections after brainwashing the current High Councilor Pravda into stepping down and announcing his support for Benedict. Benedict managed to captivate some of the audience at his rally and gain some support from Echidna voters, while also pushing many potential voters away due to his controversial speech and blatant loyalty to the Dark Legion. Following his speech, Benedict attempted to blackmail Constable Remington into joining his cause and allowing him to rig the elections, threatening to reveal Remington's family relations to Kragok. Remington refused however, angering Benedict. Shortly thereafter, Benedict was destroyed when a captured Knuckles unleashed a large amount of Chaos radiation which destroyed his circuits and exposed him to be a robot, just as Benedict was declared the winner. Dimitri did have the foresight to name a back-up candidate in his stead. (KtE: #22, #23, #24)

Background Information

  • Benedict may be named after Benedict Arnold, the general famous for betraying the American colonists to the British during the Revolutionary War, referring to the fact that he intended to betray Echidnaopolis from within after being named High Councilor.

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