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Ben Mutt Muttski
Ben Muttski
First Appearance
Biographical information

Around the Age of Tails [1]

  • The Mutt
  • Ben "Mutt" Muttski


Physical description


  • Fur: Cream with large brown spots
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Red neckerchief
  • Blue sandals
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities

Ben "Mutt" Muttski is a Mobian Dog with a strong relationship with Uncle Chuck and Sonic the Hedgehog, currently serving as Chuck's apprentice.


Uncle Chuck's Apprentice

One of many young refugees who fled Mobotropolis with Chuck and Rosie Woodchuck when Dr. Eggman came to power, Muttski later became Chuck's reserach assistance. (SSD: #8)

Shattered World Crisis

Spagonia University

Muttski following Chuck's abduction.

Sonic and Tails met him when they arrived in the Wood Zone to see Antoine D'Coolette, and were greatly surprised by the change in their old friend-their memories of the previous reality were of him as a Mobini. Muttski and Chuck later fell victim to one of the tremors they were investigating, falling into a deep chasm. Fortunately, the trio of Freedom Fighters came to their aid, Antoine impressing Muttski in particular by chopping through several falling logs with his sword. Collecting their remaining samples of the strange energy they had found emerging from within Mobius, Mutt and Chuck departed for Spagonia to do further research. Unfortunately, Muttski was soon forced to contact the Knothole Freedom Fighters with horrible news: Chuck and Professor Pickle had been abducted by Eggman's forces. (StH: #254, #257)


Muttski is a dedicated apprentice to Uncle Chuck, and a firm friend of the Freedom Fighters. He is obviously very close to his mentor, and was distraught when Chuck was taken captive.


Muttski is a yellow-furred Mobian Dog with brown spots on his back and over his left eye, brown-tipped left ear and tail, and brown lower legs and feet. He has blue eyes and blue sandals with silver buckles, and wears white gloves and a red bandanna around his neck.

Background Information

Ben Muttski Designs

Official designs for Mobian Muttski.

  • Muttski is one of several characters to originate from the SatAM cartoon show, where he appeared only in the pilot episode in his Roboticized form.
  • It has been speculated that Muttski's Post-Super Genesis Wave birth name is in tribute to the late Ben Hurst, the main writer of the Sonic SatAM cartoon series, of which Muttski originated.

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