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The Bem High Council was the ruling body of the Bem on Argentium, responsible for all political decisions regarding their race and its interactions with the inhabitants of other planets. Their most well-known rulings have involved the activities of scientist Ceneca-9009 and the hostile aliens known as the Xorda. These decisions included banning the Deroboticizer, having Mobius' entire population Roboticized (a decision that Ceneca-9009 defied, instead Deroboticizing all Robians and rendering all Mobians immune to the process), locking down travel from Argentium to avoid provoking the Xorda, and sentencing Ceneca-9009 to a death sentence that Sonic the Hedgehog helped her escape. Though overbearing in its authority, the High Council's diplomatic methods inspired Amadeus Prower's reform efforts, resulting in the reorganization of the Kingdom of Acorn into the Republic of Acorn and the formation of the Council of Acorn. (StH: #118, #129, #170, #179)


Background Information

  • The fate of the High Council following Argentium's devastation by the Xorda and Black Arms is unknown, though presumably they are still trapped on their home planet.

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