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The Battle Kukkus are a family of Mobian birds who claim to be the rightful descendants of ancient Babylon. Having existed for over 500 years, they founded the Battle Bird Armada, granting themselves the top leadership positions through birthright and nepotism. As a sign of rightful succession to lead the Armada, their lineage has passed an ancestral ring of Babylonian origins "from father to worthy son" for the past fifteen generations. (SU: #18, #30, #34)

The Battle Kukkus believe greatly in fate, and for an unknown length of time, have preached a dogma that proclaims birds to be the destined rulers of Mobius' skies and all beaneath them. To accomplish this goal though, the Battle Kukkus believed they first needed to recover their ancestors' lost relic, the Babylon Garden, and use the secrets it held within. By the time of the rule of the family's fifteenth Battle Lord and his son, the Key to Babylon Garden was found, allowing the Armada to locate the Garden itself, thereby putting them significantly closer to achieving their "great destiny". (SU: #20, #33, #34)

However, the Battle Kukkus' destiny was not meant to be at that moment, for though the Armada succeeded in excavating the Garden from beneath the city of New Mobotropolis, they were met with unexpected complications. A trio of disloyal soldiers called the Babylon Rogues had found the key and been forced back into the Armada after a failed confrontation. Believing they would keep their word and honor their duty as reinstated assets, Grand Battle Kukku XV entrusted them with the key and Gravity Ring to activate the relic at the right moment, but they decided to take the Garden for themselves when the opportunity came. Another factor was Sonic the Hedgehog who boarded the Garden to pursue the Rogues in retaliation for destroying his hometown. Between these issues, the Babylon Garden eventually came crashing out of the sky and into a mountain range, taking down the Armada's Battle Fortress too. With their destiny now lost to them for the moment, all the Battle Kukkus could do were attempt to salvage what they could from their defeat, and swear vengeance against those responsible for this disastrous turn of events. (SU: #33, #34, #35, #36)


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Known Members

  • Grand Battle Kukku XV: Fifteenth generation Battle Kukku, and current Battle Lord of the Armada.
  • Speedy: Sixteenth generation Battle Kukku, second-in-command, heir-apparent, and son of the current Battle Lord.

Former Members

  • Jet: Since Battle Kukku XV gave Jet the Gravity Ring, he could be considered the Battle Lord's 'worthy son' though he is not genetically related to them.

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