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Barney was an elderly Chameleon that Espio and Julie-Su came across while searching for Knuckles. Julie-Su nearly trampled the injured Chameleon with her Streaking Pasha as she was unable to see him, but Espio noticed him in time. Recognizing Espio, the older Chameleon attempted to explain the cause of his injuries and give a warning, but passed out before saying much. While Julie-Su left to take Barney to a hospital in Echidnaopolis, Espio stayed behind to find the other Chameleons and figure out what the warning had been about. (KtE: #30)

Background Information

  • Barney hasn't been seen since his singular appearance in KtE: #30, and it is unknown whether he perished in the Egg Grapes along with other inhabitants of Angel Island, or whether or not he had ties to the Shinobi Clan as certain other chameleons on Angel Island have been shown to possess.

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