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The Banishment of the Echidnas was a major event in which the inhabitants of Albion-nearly all remaining Echidnas on Mobius-were banished to an unknown location (presumably away from the planet) by the revengefull Tasmanian Devil known as Thrash. The event occurred in the year 3237, just days or hours before the activation of the second and Super Genesis Waves, making this the ultimate fate of the Echidna race in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.


Background and Lead-up

During ancient times, a group of Echidnas from Albion arrived in Downunda during the Forgotten War with the mission to develop means that the Albion Knights of Aurora could use to fight the Order of Ixis. Proving to be corrupt, they instead used genetic engineering to transform a tribe of Tasmanian Devil Mobians into less intelligent vicious dogs, which they used as beasts of burden and for guards. These Echidnas were subsequently punished for their crimes, but the damage had been done, and the race ever after recited the story of the Echidnas crimes to their children. The so-called "Devil Dog" Mobini version of the species became more and more prevalent as the generations passed, whilst the former Mobian version all but disappeared. Currently, Thrash the Devil, and an unnamed elderly woman devil, appear to be the only known examples of a sentient, Mobian tasmanian devil species. Growing up with the stories of what had become of his species at the hands of the Echidnas, Thrash developed a hatred for the race. (StH: #246, SSSM: #2, SU: #11, CSE)

The Echidnas continued to face many highs and lows over the centuries, but the year 3237 brought about more dire struggles, when a vast majority of the species were captured and killed within Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chamber. The remaining Echidnas who managed to survive on Angel Island were relocated to the Echidnas homeland of Albion. Soon however, the citizens of the rebuilt city were attacked once more by Eggman's forces. The attack was underway when the travelling Team Fighters arrived to help turn the tide, and Knuckles the Echidna had been alerted that his people were under attack... (StH: #141, #181, #242, #243)

Elsewhere, Thrash had used a Warp Ring (that Dr. Finitevus had dropped during his and Knuckles last battle in Downunda), to seek out the Doctor's lair. Finitevus was not there, but Thrash was still able to find files containing info on Albion, as well as how to supercharge a Warp Ring... (StH: #244, SU: #12)

The Banishment

Thrash Promise

Thrash tricks the remaining Albion Echidnas.

Thrash went to Shrine Isle with the intention of using the Master Emerald to supercharge his Warp Ring, only to run into Julie-Su and Saffron Bee, whom were guarding the gem in Knuckles' absence. The girls unfortunately ended up being the first victims, as Thrash managed beat them into submission and send through the ring. Thrash went next to Albion, to find the majority of its inhabitents, as well as Team Fighters and the legionnaires knocked unconcious after a freak accident caused by the cities stun trap secuarity system. Leaving the knocked out team aside, Thrash got to work sending the various unconcious echidnas, innocent and villainous alike, through his Warp Ring. As for the few echidnas who were still concious in other parts of the city, Thrash convinced them all to step through the ring of their own volition, in promise by the Tasmanian Devil that they would he safe away from the battle. (StH: #244)

Albion deserted

Knuckles finds Albion deserted.

Knuckles, having been preoccupied at Haven II, soon arrived at Albion after recieving the distress signal, only to be left bewildered at how the city had become a ghost town. Searching around, he soon managed to track down Team Fighters, who were just coming to. With the groups help, Knuckles soon discovered Thrash at the moment he was sending the final of his victims through the ring. Upon realising what he had done, Knuckles and Team Fighters battled the devil, who refused to comply with Knuckles anguished demands of bringing them back. When a Krudzu-controlled Metal Knuckles rose up from the wreckage however, Thrash attempted to make his getaway, and Knuckles gave chase as Team Fighters delt with the new threat. Chasing him through his Warp Ring, Knuckles and Thrash continued their scuffle across various locations on Mobius, before finally returning to Shrine Isle, where Thrash finally managed to shake the echidna off after using up the last of the rings charge to escape, with the Echidnas still lost, and Knuckles enraged at his failure. (StH: #244, #245, #246)


Team Fighters were left saddened by the events that had occurred, particularly at seeing the once vibrant city of Albion deserted and in ruin. Sonic briefly suggested the possibility of eventually using Krudzu tech on a Warp Ring to bring them back once their mission to rescue Sally had been completed. (StH: #246)

Sadly, any rescue attempts never got the chance to take place, as not long after the event, Doctor Eggman and Dr. Wily launched the second Genesis Wave upon Mobius which, while reality was altered, was soon followed by the Super Genesis Wave, which irreversibly rewrote both the Prime Zone and entire Multiverse. The world that followed had a completely altered history where, amoung numerous other things, the echidna race had been near-extinct for quite some time, with Knuckles being the only remaining echidna on the planet for the vast majority, if not all of his life, bringing an end to the original legacy of the echidna race. (StH: #247, #251, #252, SU: #63, MM: #24)


The following individuals are known to be amoung those who were banished:

Julie-Su and Saffron are the only individuals who were not in Albion at the time to be banished, as they were on Angel Island guarding the Master Emerald in Knuckles' absence; Thrash having gone there to supercharge his Warp Ring. Additionally, Saffron is the only non-Echidna to be banished, most likely because she simply got in the way.

The only known Echidnas left on Mobius after the event were Knuckles, Dr. Finitevus and Dimitri. Not long before the event, Mari-An and her infant son Jon O'Hedge mysteriously disappeared, along with their husband and father Rob o' the Hedge, the family last being seen around Never Lake. It's unknown whether they were still on Mobius.

Background Information

  • The reason the Echidas banishment came about in real life, was due to the infamous lawsuit between Archie Comics and former Archie Sonic headwriter Ken Penders, whom had created the vast manority of the additional Echidna characters that were involved. The event was added to the "Endangered Species" story arc at the last minute due to the lawsuit reaching its height at the time the story was being published.