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Badnik Horde
Badnik Horde
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Sonic the Hedgehog #1

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Military troop and workers



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The Badnik Horde was the robot army that served as the military backbone of Dr. Robotnik's Empire and later the Eggman Empire for over a decade. The units used have changed over time, but their purpose remains the same: overwhelm the enemy with numbers with an easily replenished stock of soldiers.</tabber>


Fighting Sonic

In 3235, the Badniks were Robotnik's main bots used against Sonic and his friends, along with SWATbots. In fact, the Badnik Crabmeat seemed to act as Robotnik's main lackey, sometimes having higher rank than Snively. They were for the most part based on various Mobini, and possessed limited artificial intelligence. Some of the missions Badniks were employed in included the Buzzbombers attack on Knothole, Burrobot's attempt to destroy the Great Forest and Scratch and Grounder's attempt to kill Sonic. The Badniks also participated in the Robotropolis Olympic Games, in which all of them managed to beat each member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters at each particular sport, until Sonic got his real sneakers back and won the games. The Badniks were also used in the destruction of the Mobius Natural Park. (StH: #1, #2, #3, #5, #7, CSE)

Robo Hobo Jungle


Sonic defeating the badniks at the Robo Hobo Jungle

Following the incident of Sonic's roboticization into Mecha Sonic, the blue blur was given a time frame to prove his innocents before being sentenced to imprisonment. Sonic went to the Robo Hobo Jungle to find information on Nack the Weasel's whereabouts from the obsolete and unused Badniks. Rather than simply giving Sonic the information he wanted, the badniks all converged on Sonic, hoping to redeem themselves in the eyes of their creator by taking Sonic down once and for all. Despite all of them converging on Sonic at once, the Badniks were no match and were taken out of commission. After threatening to drag Caterkiller by his face across the ground at sonic speeds, the bot informed Sonic of Nack's location. (StH: #40)

Island of Misfit Badniks

During a stroll, Sonic found one of Robotnik's old lookout posts, which had the blueprints for an island where the old badniks were repaired/retired. Sonic decided to investigate, and was promptly attacked. He took down most of the misfit badniks, but was evenly matched against Pseudo Sonic, until the two decided to ram each other, and caused the island to sink. Unknown to Sonic, these rogue badniks simply moved the island underwater. (StH #170)

Later, the misfit badniks learned that Pseudo Sonic could be enlarged, and attempted to do that. Unfortunately for them, the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters fought off all of the Badniks except for Burrobot, who woke up an enlarged Pseudo Sonic, which led to Pseudo Sonic defeating everyone- until Big Fluke sat on him and crushed all of the badniks and the island into a cube. Only Coconuts managed to escape. (StH: #185, #187)

Employed by Mammoth Mogul

Badnik refugees from the Robo Hobo Jungle were later taken in by Mammoth Mogul to working for him at his new Casion Night Club, along with the only misfit Badnik still functioning Coconuts, who was now working as a butler directly for Mogul while his old partners, Scratch and Grounder, had jobs as a concierge and chef respectively. (StH: #187, #188)

Re-emergence During Genesis

When Dr. Eggman reset the timeline of Mobius, he made use of Badniks, each of contained an encased animal that powered it. (StH: #226)

List of Badniks

Prime Zone

Badniks from Alternate Zones

Variations of the Badniks of the Prime Zone have appeared in other Zones. While not called Badniks they are very similar to their Badnik counterparts.


Light Mobius

Mobius (Giant Robotno)

Mobius (cyborg version)

Discovery Zone

Background Information

  • The Badnik Horde is composed of robot characters from one of several groups:
    • Robots introduced in the video games, including Metal Sonic and many Classic Badniks.
    • Robots introduced in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, such as the 6-S or the SWATbots.
    • Robots created for and featured exclusively in the comic series.
  • Starting with StH: #226, the Badniks were redesigned to look more like their Sonic Generations designs.

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