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The Badnik Horde was the robot army that served as the military backbone of Dr. Robotnik's Empire and later the Eggman Empire for over a decade. The units used have changed over time, but their purpose remains the same: overwhelm the enemy with numbers with an easily replenished stock of soldiers. They are led by a Badnik commander in the post-Super Genesis Wave reality.

Badniks more powerful than normal badniks (i.e. Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic) are called "Super Badniks" (SSD: #6)

List of Badniks

Prime Zone

Badniks from Alternate Zones

Variations of the Badniks of the Prime Zone have appeared in other Zones. While not called Badniks they are very similar to their Badnik counterparts.


Light Mobius

Mobius (Giant Robotno)

Mobius (cyborg version)

Discovery Zone

Background Information

  • The Badnik Horde is composed of robot characters from one of several groups:
    • Robots introduced in the video games, including Metal Sonic and many Classic Badniks.
    • Robots introduced in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, such as the 6-S or the SWATbots.
    • Robots created for and featured exclusively in the comic series.

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