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Azuria is a planet occupying the same galaxy as Mobius and home of the Azurites, a race of three-eyed aliens. Azuria is notable for moving faster in time than the rest of the galaxy; to an outside observer, millennia can pass in mere minutes. The development of Azuria was irrevocably changed by the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog, who crash-landed on the planet in an escape pod. Somehow immune to Azuria's accelerated time, Sonic watched as life evolved around him on the planet and was influenced by his image. Religion and war broke out around Sonic's presence in the escape pod, until the Azurites realized that time passed differently for Sonic than for them. A brilliant scientist, Professor Parg, responded by developing the Temporal Decelerator, which slowed down time enough for the Azurites to interact with Sonic and enable him to depart their world. What became of the planet and its inhabitants afterwards is unknown. (StH: #127, CSE)

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