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Avery the Bear
Avery the Bear
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #62

Final Appearance

Sonic Universe #49

Biographical information
  • Mobian/Brown Bear
Physical description
  • Male
  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Light blue shirt
  • Tool belt
  • Yellow bandana
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Mechanic

Avery the Bear was a Mobian bear and member of the Freedom Fighter group known as the Sand-Blasters based out of Sand Blast City.


Meeting Sonic and Tails

When Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower first arrived in Sand Blast City, the hedgehog found himself the object of hero worship. However, it turned out that the leader of the Sand Blasters, Jack Rabbit, planned to force Sonic to stay in the city as its protector against the Robian hoard beyond the city's force field dome. Not wanting to be kept against their will, Sonic and Tails were forced to make a break for it. Avery was among the group attempting to recapture (but not harm) the two. Despite this, Sonic destroyed the force field generator, and he and Tails escaped. The Sand Blasters were left to fend off the Robians themselves. (StH: #62, #63)

Fighting the Dark Egg Legion



By 3237, the Robians of the region had all been returned to normal; however, they later joined the Dark Egg Legion, becoming a local chapter at odds with the Sand Blasters. As a precaution against the cybernetic-enhanced army, Avery constructed a number of EMP Beacons around the city designed to disable the Legionnaires, providing an extra layer of protection in addition to the force field dome. Avery was in the process of moving heavy equipment within the city when Sonic the hedgehog suddenly burst from the ground, accusing the Sand Blasters of having attacked Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette. Regarding Sonic as a traitor, Avery hurled his box of equipment at the hedgehog, who dodged the blow. The Sand Blasters were largely outclassed by Sonic, but he was eventually stopped by Tex and confronted by Jack. Eventually, it was determined that Bunnie had run afoul of one of Avery's EMP Beacons and had been captured by the Dark Egg Legion; Jack offered to help Sonic rescue her if the hedgehog, in turn, helped the Sand Blasters take over the Oil Ocean Refinery guarded by the Legion. Sonic agreed, and the next morning, the group set out for the refinery, Avery driving the vehicle carrying Sonic and Jack. (StH: #217)

Sonic soon left the group and appeared to start fighting Bunnie within the refinery; not fond of the two, Avery and the other Sand Blasters watched the battle through binoculars. However, Jack eventually realized that the fight was a ruse; the two were attempting to cause as much damage to the refinery as possible. The Sand Blasters moved in at the same time as the Legion and a large battle broke out. During it all, Avery, along with Jack, found Bunnie and Sonic off to the side and Avery took aim at them with a rocket launcher; Jack eagerly told the bear that if he had a clear shot, he should take it. Avery worried about causing even further damage to the refinery, but Jack decided it would be worth it, and Avery agreed. However, he was then struck in the head by the Legion's Grandmaster, Beauregard Rabbot; he pulled up at the last second and the rocket was instead fired into the sky. It later came back down, causing a massive explosion within the refinery. Avery then fled with the other Sand Blasters, while Sonic and Bunnie departed for home. (StH: #218)

Avery later joined Jack in another raid on the refinery, though they were quickly thwarted by a Legion tank. However, help came in the form of their newest ally, Mighty the Armadillo aka "Flex," who picked up the tank and threw it aside. Along with his teammates, Avery subsequently appeared to challenge the arrival of Mighty's teammates from the Chaotix: Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee. Though the trio put up a fight, Avery helped turn the tide by using a launcher to ensnare Charmy in a net after the Bee had managed to land several blows on Jolt the Roadrunner. With their new captives in custody, they returned to Sand-Blast City, where they turned the trio over to Mighty and Ray the Flying Squirrel, alias "Jitters." (SU: #47, #48)

The following day, Avery and the other Sand-Blasters traveled to meet with the Legion to exchange prisoners, including the "captured" Mighty. Avery drove the jeep carrying himself and the other Sand-Blasters, and swerved towards the jeep carrying Mighty's teammates to amuse himself and his own teammates. When the exchange turned into an ambush, the true identities of Mighty and his teammates were revealed, and Jack ordered Avery to take out the Chaotix with their jeep. To their dismay, Vector was able to halt the vehicle using his strength, and Mighty was driven berserk when his sister Matilda the Armadillo was hurt, resulting in a rampage that forced Avery and his teammates to beat a hasty retreat.(SU: #49)


Avery is hard-working and takes some pride in his accomplishments. However, he regards Sonic a traitor and holds a grudge against the hedgehog. He's very loyal to Jack, and has a "dark sense of humor." (CSE)


Avery is a large, stout bear with brown fur and blue eyes. Like the other Sand Blasters, his design was somewhat ill-defined in early appearances; he was eventually given a more solid character design. He wears a light blue sleeveless shirt with a yellow bandanna tied around his neck, a tool belt, dark fingerless gloves and heavy boots. He has a bottom tooth that sticks out above his lip.


Avery serves as the Sand-Blasters engineer, crafting the majority of their weapons and technology, making him something of their counterpart to Rotor Walrus. He typically utilizes these weapons in battle, favoring bazooka-like launchers.

Background information

  • Avery was not given a name or a solid design until issue #217.
  • Both Avery and Tex the Lizard are named after Tex Avery, one of the creators of Looney Tunes.