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Auntie Bodies are the embodiment of the Freedom Fighters' natural immune systems. When Dr. Robotnik infects the Freedom Fighters except Sonic with the robotic germ known as the French Frirus, Rotor shrinks him to microscopic size in order enter his body in order to defeat the robotic illness. When the small hedgehog found Rotor's Aunti-Body, she informs him that she and her counterparts within the other freedom fighters have given up battling the french Frius. With the help of Sonic, the Aunti body fought back against the disease, inspiring the Aunti-bodies of the other Freedom Fighters to follow suit. (StH: #33)

The Auntie Body seems to be a amalgam of "Aunty" and "Anti-bodies".
It is unknown if the other beings on Mobius have a similar immune system.

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