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The Atom-Bat.

The Atom-Bat is a staff of unknown origin and great power used by Monkey Khan. Khan is never seen without it, and uses the staff to either summon lightning or as a standard battle staff against his enemies. It is very durable, and is able to withstand attacks from strong enemies such as the Iron King, even when he's armed with a powerful weapon like the Tremor Mace which can shake the earth. (StH: #55, #60, #71, #86, #87, #92, #125, #201, #202, #203, #204, #205 SSS: #8)

Background Information

  • Since it was not seen in Khan's possession until after his transformation, it is possible that the Atom-Bat was created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who forcibly made Khan a cyborg. After Monkey Khan rebelled against him, Robotnik shut him away in a crypt for a decade, and Khan wouldn't have been able to get the Atom-Bat from anywhere else in that timeline.

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