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Ari Ram was one of several Freedom Fighter leaders that fought against Robotnik's regime.

He was present at Knothole when the Wolf Pack officially formed an alliance with the Knothole Freedom Fighters.(StH: #113)

Background Information

  • Though not explicitly identified as Ari in his brief cameo appearance, this is the name given to him in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. As such, the name falls under tier 2 canon.
  • Ari made his debut during the 2nd season of the animated series. He served as the leader of an unnamed group of Freedom Fighters who made a deal with Robotnik to capture Sonic in exchange for his teammates' lives. Robotnik, as usual, did not keep his promise and Ari was sent into the Void as a result. He later reappears as King Acorn's loyal bodyguard while trapped in the Void and joins the Freedom Fighters in their battle against Robotnik's Doomsday Machine.
    • Despite his status as a major supporting character in the animated series, Ari never made his official debut in the comics. This was due to Ken Penders' fear that the character would seem redundant next to his creation, Geoffrey St. John. Ian Flynn also admitted that he didn't find the character all that interesting. It is unknown if he shall ever return in the reboot.

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