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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

January 2006

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Patrick Spaziante

Archie Comics

First Appearances

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 158 was the one hundred and fifty-eighth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One

"System Reconfiguration"

As Mecha announces her master's takeover, Eggman orders A.D.A.M. to override her, only for the computer program to fail to respond. Realizing that an outside source is scrambling their programming, Eggman immediately suspects that that Snively has assisted the Kingdom of Acorn in this attack. The Metal Sonic Troopers then attack him, and he narrowly dodges before using a Phase Inverter to restore Mecha's programming. Mecha is immediately confused, as her last memory was of being with Shadow and Metal Sonic, but Eggman decides to flee rather than question it. He reveals that the Metal Sonic Troopers operate on a different frequency, accusing them of being "second-rate knock-offs" while Mecha remarks that they are superior in design to his own. The two then flee to a transport, where Eggman is pleasantly surprised to see the unconscious Shadow before they start moving.

Back in the control room, Sonic and Rotor wake up to find the Metal Sonic Troopers tearing the chamber apart, one of whom then confronts Sonic. Before he can act, another Metal Sonic informs him that he is speaking to "Model One", prompting a confused Sonic to question Rotor. The Walrus denies knowing anything, and the two then make their way out of the room as the Metal Sonic Troopers continue to rampage. Sonic then questions who could have created them if not Robotnik, and determines that no one he can think of makes sense while Rotor silently worries about the same thing. The two then board the ship that brought them to New Megaopolis previously, while the Metal Sonic Troopers briefly contemplate pursuit before setting out to locate Robotnik. Their mission: to find him, "along with any and all operatives and installations, and eliminate with extreme prejudice, as ordered by royal decree..."

Elsewhere, Mecha reports that the files Metal Sonic retrieved have been downloaded for his access, and Eggman is intrigued as he starts looking through them. Shadow, finally awake, confronts them, only for Eggman to reveal that he is Gerald Robotnik's grandson. He then reveals that though his half-sister Maria was killed, he was an infant at the time, and sheds tears over her loss. Shadow then decides that they have a common cause, and Eggman suggest that they join forces, to which Shadow agrees. As Eggman proposes that they learn the origin of the Metal Sonic Troopers, King Elias travels to a lower area of the castle to meet with Sir Charles Hedgehog. Elias questions what Charles is doing in a sealed off portion of the castle, and Charles hesitates briefly before revealing that a "special project" created before Elias' coronation has been activated and set loose. Sonic and Rotor arrive at the same time, having been called by Charles to ensure the Kingdom's security. He then reveals that the Metal Sonic Troopers were created by him and Rotor following Sonic's disappearance after the battle with the Xorda as a replacement for the lost hero. After Sonic returned, it was decided that they were unnecessary, and so they were sealed away.

Charles then reveals that several fail-safe systems were installed in the Metal Sonic Troopers due to their immense power, but while attempting to shut them down finds that he is unable. Back in New Megaopolis, Robotnik and Shadow detect the Metal Sonic Troopers heading straight for Knothole, and Shadow rushes off upon realizing that Hope is in serious danger. As he speeds to the scene, Shadow vows that he will not let Hope be lost as Maria was, and arrives just in time to halt the Metal Sonic Troopers from destroying her home. He does so with a strange barrier, which dissipates in his confusion, allowing the Metal Sonic Troopers to engage him. After briefly questioning the development, he heads into Hope's house, while two Troopers are detailed to pursue him while the others continue on their mission. Fortunately, Sonic arrives at the same time, and manages to defeat the two Troopers.

Back at Sonic's house, his parents are questioning why they allowed Sonic to leave with Robotnik. The two then discuss how Sonic has grown up to become an important defender against Robotnik, though it is still their job as his parents to make sure he stays safe. An alarm then sounds, and the two rush to the door just in time to see the Metal Sonic Troopers pursuing a pair of children. Jules tackles them out of the way, and the whole group then joins the citizenry of Knothole in evacuating to the palace. Elias then warns Sally to make preparations to leave, as the threat of the Metal Sonic Troopers is such that he fears Knothole may fall. Back at Hope's house. Sonic and Shadow continue to engage Metal Sonic Troopers in defending Hope and Rosy, but Sonic inadvertently knocks a Trooper into Hope, knocking her unconscious. Furious, Shadow warns Sonic that if Hope's injuries prove fatal, he will kill him.

Off Panel

"Insider Treading"

In the Off Panel universe, Sonic meets with Mike Pellerito in a "dark" alleyway, which is in fact lit up quite brightly. As Mike berates the lighting booth staff, a shadowy figure appears, prompting Sonic to pursue him. The figure then causes a wall of bricks to fall atop Sonic, stunning him. The figure then introduces himself as Blackstage, a villain with access to all kinds of secret footage that he plans to show to the readers. Mike is horrified, fearing that such a thing would destroy the comic, but Blackstage starts rolling before Mike or Sonic can do anything. He then reveals the special effects secrets behind various events in the comic, including: the use of "chroma-key" to make all of Sonic but his hand invisible during issue 50, the use of make-up to produce the crystallized King Acorn, the implementation of stunt doubles, and even flipped camera effects as far back as issue #3. Blackstage then gloats that he has ruined the comic, but Mike and Sonic notice that the fans actually seem to like this information. The two then remind Blackstage that reality entertainment is all the rage, meaning that Blackstage's plans have been foiled. Sonic then steals Blackstage's costume while he flees into the distance, while Sonic dons the mask and hat and launches into a number from Phantom of the Opera, to Mike's chagrin.


  • Shadow: (to Sonic, about Hope) If that girl dies, Sonic-- THEN SO WILL YOU!

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