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Sonic the Hedgehog
Publication Details


Date Published 

March 2004

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Patrick Spaziante
  • Nelson Ribeiro
  • Karl Bollers (first story)
  • Ken Penders (second story)
  • Jon Gray (first story)
  • Steven Butler (second story)
  • Michael Higgins (first story)
  • Ken Penders (second story)
  • Michael Higgins (first story)
  • Vickie Williams (second story)
  • Jason Jensen (both stories)
  • Justin Gabrie
  • Mike Pellerito (assistant editor)
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater

Archie Comics

First Appearances

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 134 was the one hundred and thirty-fourth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One

"Home": Epilogue "Say You Will"

At Castle Acorn's royal infirmary, Sonic is being checked up by Doctor Quack, who asks about the implant in his ear. Doctor Quack tells him the device would also bond with his nervous system. A shocked Sonic wants Doctor Quack to get rid of it, but Doctor Quack thinks it'll do more harm than good. He gives him a sling around his arm and some herbal salve to help him after the fight (last issue). Sonic still curious about how everything's changed, even Doctor Quack, he tells Sonic that he got an eyepatch when he stepped on a land mine when in battle. Coming out of the infirmary, Sally greets Sonic with Bernie, Jules and Sir Charles. Queen Alicia enters and tells them Tails, Knuckles, King Max and everyone else is preparing for tonight's celebration. Sonic wonders what the celebration is about and Sally thinks its obvious that its to honour Sonic's return. Both of them kiss each other goodbye.

After escaping photographers and reporters, at the Hedgehog family's summer home, Sonic takes a well deserved nap and is then woken up by Muttski. Muttski welcomes Sonic back and Sonic is shocked that Muttski can talk. Sonic panics to his family that Muttski can talk, but then realises its because of his implant. He then tells them that Ceneca-9009 from the Bem de-roboticized all Robians on Mobius (STH: 123) and that he busted her out of prison (STH: 129). He also learns from her that Jules' injuries were too serious and that if he was deroboticized, it would kill him.

Sonic finds Tails at King Fredrick airbase and tells him that his parents are alive on Argentium. Sonic gives Tails the package that they gave him, which contains a holo-message of Amadeus and Rosemary saying they love him.

At Green Hill park, Mina performs a concert with her band, the Knothole Knuts. After Mina performs her song, King Max makes an announcement on Sonic's arrival that King Max and Queen Alicia will depart Knothole soon, to tour the planet with Station Square as their last stop. King Max also announces that Sally will serve as acting ruler, Amy excited with Tekno and Ebony that girls rule. Mina hugs Sonic and introduces Ash to him as her boyfriend. Sonic about to ask Sonic something is interupted when Sonic friend's appear. Sonic asks Knuckles why the Chaotix are in Knothole, Knuckles tells him that Eggman captured Angel Island and the king had them stick around to help out. Sonic also watches as Tails is offering Fiona a drink, Sonic feeling that he might get his feelings hurt again. Rotor then appears with his new invention that makes images of Sonic and Sally appear in the sky. Sonic congraduates Geoffrey St. John and Hershey on their marriage and then asks about "Antoine" with Bunnie. Bunnie tells him the war changed him and they broke up, as King Max wants Antoine to accompany their tour.


Sally marks the end of a relationship with a movement of her hand.

After posing for a picture, Sally asks that since she has a big responsibility in the Kingdom, she wants Sonic to rule by her side while her parents are away. Sonic objects at first, but Sally points out Sonic's her consort. Sonic argues that they're in the middle of a war, and they need his help. Sally gives her heart out to Sonic that she wants him to stay with her, but Sonic says he can't. Sally then slaps Sonic, yelling that he's being selfish. Sonic in anger shouts that he isn't selfish and that he did everything to get back and lost a year of his life. Sally in tears tells him that its horrible believing he was dead, and she refuses to have her heartbroken again. She then puts Sonic in a postion where what is more important; fighting Eggman or being with her. Both of them in tears, Sonic doesn't answer and Sally runs from the stage crying.

Story Two

"Mobius: 25 Years Later": "In Transit"

The story starts with Rotor travelling on a transit, remembering his thoughts from before.

He remembers during his discussion with Knuckles, and Knuckles finds Rutan and Salma overhearing them and running away. Knuckles ends their meeting and heads back to meet the Brotherhood of Guardians at Haven II. Knuckles greets Sabre and is then noticed by Sojourner. Sojourner is asked by Knuckles about the spy satellite, which Sojourner is confused because he has his own. Knuckles answers that he promised Julie-Su not to spy on family. Spectre asks if its that "treacherous wench" Lien-Da, but Knuckles says its about Rutan. On the monitor, Lien-Da confronts Rutan and Salma and asks where they've been. Rutan tries to explain that they spent the night with friends after Lara-Su's Unveiling. Knuckles thinks that Lara-Su is covering for them. Lien-Da forgives both of them and takes Salma home. Rotor hacked into the system watches with Cobar to see if Lien-Da had found anything out about the time/space continuum collapsing. Fortunately she doesn't and Rotor and Cobar plan what to do next.


  • Sonic: Muttski! Hey there, boy! Long time no see!
  • Muttski: Hello, Sonic-friend. Muttski is happy to have you home again!
  • Sonic: M-M-Muttski..? D-Did you just t-talk?
  • Muttski: Muttski always could! (Sonic pulls a face)

  • Mina: Meet Ash--he's my manager!
  • Ash: And her boyfriend.

  • Sally: I don't want you to do it anymore. Stay with me. Please, my love...say you will.
  • Sonic: Sorry, Sal. I...can't.
  • Sally: I should've known you'd be selfish! (slaps Sonic's cheek)

Key Events

  • Sonic attends a homecoming celebration and learns from his friends and family what other events happened in the past year.
  • Sonic understands what Muttski says thanks to the universal translator he got in space.
  • Sonic reunites with Mina and is introduced to her new boyfriend.
  • Sonic and Sally break up.

Background Information

  • This issue is one of the most hated and controversial issues in the entire series, mainly because of Sally's out-of-character behaviour and just how outrageously Sonic and Sally broke up. The slap scene itself is so infamous that this issue has been referred to as 'The Slap' ever since.
  • Vector and Espio are redesigned to resemble their game counterparts in Sonic Heroes.
  • The cover pays homage to the cover of Marvel Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man #50
  • This issue features many cameo appearances by other characters from outside the comic's continuity:
    • Characters from the UK's Sonic the Comic (Tekno the Canary, Ebony the Cat, her partner Pajaymas, and Metamorphia) make cameos in this issue at Mina Mongoose's concert. Additionally, Shortfuse the Cybernik appears in a cameo when Sonic is explaining about the Bem's de-roboticizing to everybody, and characters resembling Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis can also be seen. Oddly, Bob Beaky also appears, but he was originally a disguise put on by Sonic in the series.
    • The Tails Doll also appears in this issue, next to Big, in the same panel with Tekno, Ebony, Metamorphia and Pajaymas.
    • Characters resembling Sonia and Manic from Sonic Underground can be seen in the scene when Sonic and Sally break up, sitting next to Espio and behind Rotor respectively.
    • Tiara Boobowski from the cancelled Sonic X-treme makes a cameo standing next to Amy Rose when Sonic and Sally break up.
    • In the very first panel of the first story, an x-ray of NiGHTS is seen along with other x-rays and the words "Billy Hatcher" appear on the opposite wall. In Sonic's bedroom, other Sega characters are shown, including NiGHTS and the Chu-chu's.
  • When an X-ray of Sonic's skull is shown, to the side are some facts like, Cyclops Eye, Billion Ring (shield or barrier), Super Speed, and Super Sonic?
  • Mina's concert is at "Green Hill Park".
  • When King Max comes to greet Sonic, Sonic has no ears.

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