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Cover of Sonic X: #1.

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Archie Sonic X is a 40-issue series of comics published by Archie Comics, which ran from 2005 to 2008, featuring an alternate version of Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA's videogame mascot, and is based on the storylines and settings of the Sonic X anime series. Unlike other spin-offs of the main comic series, Sonic X is set in an entirely separate continuity from the main comics, and is not in any way effected or has any effect on the events of the Archieverse, instead sharing continuity with the anime series of which it's based. The series was originally announced to be a four-issue miniseries, but it was extended into an ongoing series before the first issue was even released, due to positive fan reception received from the series announcement. The series covers several untold adventures which take place during certain parts of the anime series, with each story usually being set in between particular episodes of the show. As a result, the time period in which particular stories take place often vary.

The series was officially ended with the final issue being released in December 2008, which featured a cross-over in which the characters of the Sonic X universe came into contact with the Mobius Prime versions of Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic, which would ultimately coincide with the first issue of its replacement title, Sonic Universe.


The series follows the plotline of the Sonic X anime series, in which Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends where transported from their homeworld to the city of Station Square on planet Earth via Chaos Control during a battle with Doctor Eggman. After arriving on Earth, the group befriend Chris Thorndyke, a human boy who hails from a wealthy family, his father Nelson Thorndyke being a CEO of a major engineering corporation, and his mother Linsay Thorndyke who is a famous actress. Sonic and his friends take refuge at Chris' mention home, where they also befriend Chris' grandfather Chuck Thorndyke, as well as the Thordykes' butler Mr. Tanaka and their maid Ella. Also being transported to Earth, Doctor Eggman often hatches new plans to take over this new planet, with Station Square usually being the first to full victim to his schemes. As such, it is up to Sonic and his friends (with the help of Chris and his family) to foil Eggmans plans on a regular basis.

Unlike its Archiverse counterpart, the series often consists of less serious and more humor-driven stories, in line with the more light-hearted tone of the anime's English dub. The first four issues featured an ongoing storyline contained within those issues alone (due to how the series was originally planned as a four-issue miniseries), each issue thereafter would usually consist of one-shot single issue stories, with the occasional exception of some stories spanning over two issues. As such, excluding the given plotline which is handed down from the anime, the comic itself does not necessarily rely on an ongoing plot to tell its stories.

Each issues story takes place between particular episodes or story arcs of the anime series, with references to certain events of the anime having taken place being made within the stories.

This article does not cover any events that have taken place in the anime, as the article covers only the events of the comic series; certain events that have taken place in the anime may be included in this article or any related articles as long as it has been stated as having happened within the comic.

Although the series technically takes place in a separate continuity from the main Archiverse comics, the Sonic X universe is considered to be one of the many parallel universes that appear often in the Archiverse, with the release of the final issue (SX#40). A similar example to this is the appearance of a parallel world based on another Sonic Television series, Sonic Underground, which just like Sonic X, is considered to be an alternate continuity from any other work of Sonic media.


The series takes place on modern day Planet Earth, usually with the city of Station Square as the series main location, while other locations (mainly based on real world areas) have also been seen. As mentioned above, the comic shares the same continuity and storyline of its anime counterpart.


Story Arcs

  • First four issues (#1-4): Doctor Eggman hatches a plan to steal money from the Station Square bank, in order to finance the creation of his robots. After Sonic and the gang put a stop to it, Eggman steals some of Sonic's power rings (Which Tails dropped during the fight), and uses them to power his new dinosaur robots. The next week, Sonic and his friends are assigned by G.U.N. to search for what they believe to be a Chaos Emerald, hidden deep under the Sapphire Sea in amongst the wreckage of an ancient pirate ship owned by Captain Redeye. Eggman also goes searching for this supposed Choas Emerald, and Sonic, Rouge and Topaz are forced to do battle with his dinosaur robots in the process. After the battle, the treasure chest supposedly containing the Chaos Emerald was revealed to be filled with nothing but sea shells. Another week later, Sonic set off on a rescue mission to find and set free a group of small animals, as well as Creams pet Chao Cheese, but this was merely a diversion so that Eggman could put his newest plan into action; while Sonic was busy, Bokkun delivered several large gifts to each of Sonic's human acquaintances. The following Monday, Sonic and his friends arranged to meet up with Chris on his classes field trip to the Station Square Space Museum (unbeknownst to the group, Doctor Eggman had invited the class there using an alias name). While there, Eggman showed up and started attacking everybody in the museum. As Sonic and co. fought off his robots, several of Sonic's human acquaintances (including Chris) became trapped by electronic devices hidden in their gifts. Each of the gifts transformed into a robot, each with their respective human host as an organic battery (as opposed to the usual animals). Sonic managed to defeat the robots and rescued the captive humans.
  • "I Never Promised You a Chao Garden" (#5-6): Using a clipping from Cheese' wing (which he obtained after kidnapping him in the previous arc), Doctor Eggman created his own colony of cloned Chao, which he then sold as pets to every citizen of Station Square. After every one of his cloned Chao had been given an owner, Eggman activated his Chao device, which turned all of his cloned Chao into demonic creatures, who would go on to wreak havoc on the city. To help stop the carnage, Tikal, Chaos, and their Chao friends returned to the present to help Sonic and friends to calm down the demonic Chaos. When Eggman launches the second stage of his plan; a giant robot called the Egg-Gantor, the friendly Chao bring together the seven Chaos Emeralds so that Chaos can use its positive energy to grow several feet and defeat the robot. Meanwhile, Chuck invents a device which can reverse the process of Eggman's own device and turn all the cloned Chao back to normal, which Sonic uses to turn them all back to normal.
  • "Take This Job and Shovel It" (#7):
  • "Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans" (#8-9):
  • "No Thanks For The Memories!" (#10-11):
  • "Attack From Area 99" (#12):
  • "Hare-um Scare-um" (#13-14):
  • "Bad Eggnog" (#15):
  • "Valentines Frey" (#16):
  • "March Madness!" (#17):
  • "Rouge Goes Rogue!" (#18):
  • "Muerta! Las Vegas!" (#19):
  • "Speed Lines!" (#20):
  • "Sub Sonic" (#21):
  • "Decoe and Bocoe's Not-So-Excellent Misadventure" (#22):
  • "Hedgehogging Their Bets" (#23):
  • "Camera Hog" (#24):
  • "The Color Sonic" (#25):
  • 1st "El Gran Gordo" arc- "La Layenda del Gran Gordo! The Legend of the Great Big Guy!"/"Conquest is Like a Box of Chocolates" (#26-27):


  • Sonic X #25: "The Color Sonic"


Sonic X features the same cast of characters who starred in the anime Sonic X. The comic also features characters created exclusively for the series, such as Colonel Westwood and several other human characters that have not shown up in either the games or the main comic. The series is also home to certain videogame characters who, at the time of publication, had not been introduced into the main comic series, such as Cream the Rabbit, her mother Vanilla, Cream's pet Cheese, and the robot Emerl.



Production Staff

List of Writers

  • Joe Edkin
  • Ian Flynn
  • Tracy Yardley!

List of Pencillers

  • Tim Smith III
  • Steven Butler
  • James Fry
  • Tracy Yardley!
  • David Hutchinson

List of Inkers

  • Andrew Pepoy

Background Information

  • This series is currently the second longest running Sonic comic spin-off series, overtaking Knuckles the Echidna (3rd) and behind Sonic Universe (1st).
  • The comic's abrupt ending is most likely due to legal problems - unlike the video games and the American cartoons, the anime's rights is split up into various holders: Sega for the video game characters, TMS Entertainment for the original characters and the series itself and the now-defunct 4Kids Entertainment for the American rights (though this has now passed down to Saban Brands).

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