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SU85 V1

Sonic Universe
Publication Details


Date Published 

May 25, 2016

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 85 is the eighty fifth issue in theSonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.


Official Solicitation

Dr. EGGMAN gets CRACKING in "Eggman's Dozen" Part Three: Dr. Eggman has assembled his evil Egg Bosses to take back his Egg Refinery from the Naugus Twins! The plan seems straight forward enough, but what happens when the Eggman's minions can't work together? Can the mad doctor scramble to survive or will his shaky alliances leave him fried? Featuring egg-tastic cover art by dynamite Diana Skelly and a wonderfully "Wicked" variant cover by artist supreme Dan Schoening!

Story One

Eggman's Dozen: Part Three
(this story occurs between Sonic the Hedgehog #279 and #280)



Key Events

  • The Egg Bosses complete their respective missions given by Eggman.
  • The Witchcarters are revealed to have been brainwshed by Wendy Naugus.
  • Metal Sonic has been transformed into Crystal Sonic by the Naugus Twins.


Background Information

Cameos and References

  • The variant cover is an homage to, and named after, the Broadway musical "Wicked".

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