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Sonic Super Special
Publication Details


Date Published 

March 1999

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Patrick Spaziante
  • Harvey Mercadoocasio
  • Mike Gallagher
  • Sam Maxwell
  • Manny Galan
  • Art Mawhinney
  • Harvey Mercadoocasio
  • Jim Amash
  • Rich Koslowski

Archie Comics

First Appearances

Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 9 was the nineth issue of the Sonic Super Specials


Story One

"Zoneward Bound"

As Sonic, Sally, Tails, Antoine and Rotor are playing in the snow, Sonic stumbles on a well with a Power Ring stuck inside the bucket. Realising the water has frozen completely, Sonic takes the group back to Rosie. Sonic pulls the Freedom Fighters through the snow, but was, unknown to him, powered up. His super speed then causes all of them to get transported to different 'zones'. Sally is transported on a bizarre rollercoaster and comes face-to-face with her father covered in crystal. Antoine, Rotor and Tails fall through a weird zone, which causes their body parts to mix together. Rotor tries to keep a level-head, but Antoine panics. Tails calms them down and says that they need to stick together. As Tails is taking control of the situation, the Ancient Walkers observe Tails' actions. Meanwhile, Sonic is transported to a zone (resembling the arcade game SegaSonic the Hedgehog) and confronts Julian. Julian is insulted and demands the hedgehog calls him Dr. Robotnik. As he attacks, Sonic launches himself at Robotnik and destroys his Egg Mobile. All of the Freedom Fighters are transported back to their world, and Sonic puts the bucket back in the well after that experience. Rosie then appears and offers the group Pecan Rings. Sonic then replies that "they've had enough rings for today".

Story Two

"My Secret Guardian"

Sally and her father take a trip to the Floating Island to explore the area. Upon arriving, Max tells Sally he has to pay respects to the official Guardian of the island. Sally mopes about her father leaving her alone notices someone watching her in the bushes. About to attack, Knuckles comes out from behind the bushes and both introduce themselves. Both talk about their future duties, to which Sally tells Knuckles not to compare the Kingdom of Acorn to a "silly little island". Knuckles shoves Sally saying to keep her snobby remarks to herself. Sally then fights back and performs her "flip back kick" that Julayla told her. Knuckles glides back onto the island in an attempt to headbutt Sally. Sally dodges, causing Knuckles to damage a tree. Hearing the noise, Locke calls Knuckles. Knuckles scared that talking to Sally has broken his Guardian training rules. Sally says that she'll hide if they make a pact to meet later. Knuckles agrees with the Princess, with Sally wanting Knuckles to call her by her name. Both of them are reunited with their parents, and Sally and Max head off to explore the island. As they are about to explore, Knuckles watches from above with a feeling that they'll meet again someday.

Story Three

"Eve of Destruction"

Awaiting the birth of their child, the Prowers discuss about Warlord Julian becoming the King's new minister of science in a ceremony tonight. Amadeus takes off to discuss matters with Julian and asks Sonic, Sally, Rotor and Antoine (playing outside) to keep guard of the house while he's out. Meanwhile, Julian gloats about obtaining Sir Charles' lab and the Roboticizer and begins to roboticize Mobians with Snively. Amadeus confronts both of them and threatens them with his Overlander weapon. Julian tells Amadeus his plans on taking over the Kingdom under his new name...Dr. Robotnik. Suddenly, a SWATbot grabs Amadeus as Robotnik gloats. Back at the Prower residence, Rosemary goes into labour and they all work together to get her to Dr. Quack. King Acorn watches over as he presents the Freedom Fighters to the Kingdom's latest subject. Sonic notices that Miles has both of his parent's tails. King Acorn wonders what's taking Amadeus so long, when Robotnik, Snively and a disguised Amadeus enter the room. Rosemary introduced Amadeus to their son, but he doesn't say anything and walks off. Rosemary begins sobbing with Dr. Quack and King Acorn comforting her. As Robotnik and Snively are leaving, King Acorn reminds them of the ceremony tonight and that things will change around here. They both leave and Amadeus is revealed to have been roboticized and they plan their takeover tonight. Back in the room, Rosemary is asleep and Miles begins crying. Sonic takes the baby and both hug each other. Sonic can tell that "they're going to be fast friends".


  • Young Sonic: (while holding baby Tails) Hey little buddy, I can tell you and I are going to be fast friends.

Key Events

  • Amadeus Prower discovers Robotnik's plot to launch a coup but is roboticized by a newly created SWATbot
  • Rosemary Prower gives birth to Tails

Background Information

  • Sally and Knuckles' childhood relationship, first hinted at in Sonic & Knuckles: Mecha Madness and further in Sonic the Hedgehog #44 is finally shown in the second story of this issue.
  • The fate of Tails's parents is finally revealed in this issue. The events were shown slightly different when recounted in Sonic the Hedgehog #129
  • In "Zoneward Bound", Sonic finds a well with a Ring stuck in frozen water. This well was seen in SM: 0.
  • In "Zoneward Bound", it's revealed that Sonic knew Mighty and Ray back when they were kids.
  • The cover shows Rotor playing with a Dreamcast controller with a picture of one of the Sonic Adventure prototype screenshots on a TV.

Reprint History

This issue has been reprinted in the following places:

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