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This issue takes place between Sonic the Hedgehog #68#69
Sonic Super Special
Publication Details


Date Published 

January 1999

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • J.F. Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
First Appearances

Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 8 was the eighth issue of the Sonic Super Specials


Story One

Zone Wars: Prelude

In the No Zone, Zonic of the Zone Cops receives word that Ivanna Robotina of the Luna Zone has made he way to Mobius Prime and is attacking Sonic the Hedgehog. Zonic heads out to respond, but remarks that he'll first be gathering reinforcements. On Mobius, Ivanna announces her intentions to turn Sonic into one of her monster minions, which Sonic notes is similar to Robotnik Prime's tactic of Roboticization. Help unexpectedly arrives in the form of Pretty Soldier Sally Moon and her sidekick Chibi Rose, the former using her magical scepter to fire an energy blast at Robotina. A confused Sonic watches as Robotina retaliates, attempting to eliminate her enemies with a blast of her own. However, her attack is interrupted as a rose comes flying out of nowhere to strike her in the neck.

The source of the flowery projectile is revealed to be Tuxedo Knux, also of the Luna Zone. Much to Sonic's shock, he and Sally Moon then embrace, obviously enamored of each other. Zonic then arrives and opens a portal to the Luna Zone, through which the three heroes drag their enemy. Sonic demands answers of the Zone Cop, and Zonic reveals the existence of the No Zone and the role of the Zone Cops in monitoring the various realities. Sonic doubts his claims, based on his unhindered travel to other Zones in the past, only for Zonic to reveal that he was responsible for Sonic's travels. Unbeknownst to the Hedgehog, Zonic has been behind his transformations into Super Sonic, his first encounter with Evil Sonic, his gathering of all other versions of himself to combat Robo-Robotnik, and various other trips to other zones.

Commenting on the precision of his travels-as well as the complications that have now arisen thanks to the Ultimate Annihilator-Zonic finds Sonic convinced, the Hedgehog realizing how important his travels have been to other worlds and his own. As Zonic prepares to leave, Sonic questions why he has always been the one sent to deal with such problems, and learns that he is Sonic Prime, the one true Sonic of all dimensions and the destined hero of all time and space. With Zonic gone, Sonic contemplates his last words, and then angrily questions why he didn't "get the girl?!!", undoubtedly referring to Sally Moon.

Story Two

"Running on Empty"

In Knothole one night, Sonic and Amy Rose sit together on a hilltop, admiring the view of the village. Amy comments about wishing she had brought a jacket, and Sonic rushes off at super speed to get it for her. Amy expresses her admiration for his speed, which Sonic acknowledges is a useful ability, but then recalls that it was nearly the end of him on one occasion. He narrates the occasion, on which he was traveling through the Great Forest when he heard what sounded like Princess Sally Acorn screaming for help. Rushing to the source of the noise, he found what appeared to be a captured Sally, only to discover that it was a holographic ruse. He was then hit by an energy beam fired by Snively Robotnik, only to find himself apparently unharmed. Annoyed, he berated Snively's incompetence before taking off, not knowing that Snively's attack had actually been successful. Snively demonstrates his point after Sonic is gone, throwing a flower into the energy beam only for it to wither and die.

Making his way back to Knothole, Sonic continued to believe himself unaffected, and ran into Rosie Woodchuck, who was out gathering apples. Spotting a falling apple, Sonic rushed to catch it, only to find himself unable to stop as usual and end up running into a tree. Rosie rushed to Sonic and found the Hedgehog buried under a pile of fallen apples, with Sonic claiming to be fine, though he expressed worry over his failure to stop. However, the incident faded from his mind briefly as he spotted a surveillance drone up ahead, and took off to warn the villagers in Knothole. Noticing that he was moving more quickly than usual, he assumed that his training sessions with Tails were helping him to improve. However, his increased speed came with two unnoticed side effects: a glowing green aura surrounding him, and a storm of debris following in his super-speed wake. Getting back to Knothole, he was once again unable to stop with his usual precision, and the debris following him slammed into Sally, Tails, and Rotor.

Going to Rotor's lab, Sonic underwent several tests, burning out Rotor's speed-tracking treadmill. From the collected data, Rotor was able to determine that Snively's ray had not only increased Sonic's speed, but sped up his metabolism, causing him to age at an accelerated rate. As evidence of his findings, an aged Sonic entered the meeting where Rotor explained this to the Freedom Fighters. Their only hope to restore Sonic to normal involved going into Robotropolis and examining Snively's device, which they set out to do without hesitation. The group made its way into the city, with Sonic's condition growing steadily worse, before finally coming upon the device, which Rotor managed to reverse. Unfortunately, Dr. Robotnik stumbled upon them with his forces, using his SWATbots to surround the unfortunate heroes. Sonic then put his increased speed to one final use, ignoring the agony of his aged body to smash through the robot force and draw it behind him to slam into Robotnik. With the Hedgehog collapsed on the ground, Snively appeared and gloated over his success, while Sally's mind raced to identify a way to get Snively to use his device on Sonic once again. Acting as though she couldn't bear the thought of Sonic enduring such pain any longer, she pleaded with Snively to put Sonic out of his misery, to which the Overlander agreed. However, his action restored Sonic to normal, allowing the heroes to escape while the angered Snively smashed the control panel for his machine. The narrative finished, Amy looks at Sonic dreamily and praises his story-telling skills, asking for another narrative, which he promises not to "speed through."

Story Three

"Den of Thieves"

In the Dragon Kingdom townships of Lau Kar, the Temple of the Golden Lotus is robbed by ninja of the Yagyu Clan, who are pursued by the Rabbit siblings Liu Fang and Liu Chi Mei. The pair attempt to stop the thieves before they can reach the woods and certain escape, only for one of the Yagyu to be intercepted by Monkey Khan's Atom-Bat. Khan continues his attack, proclaiming his intent to bring the thieves to justice. The Yagyu hurl throwing stars, which Khan deflects, and boasts that they won't escape by diverting his attention. To his surprise, however, the thieves have vanished in a puff of smoke, which he briefly believes to be magic until the Rabbits inform him that it is mere sleight of hand. Liu Chi Mei then comments that they are on their way back to their lair at the Haunted Lake, which it would be foolish to follow them too. Khan brushes off the notion of the lake being haunted, even when Liu Fang remarks that it is supposedly the lair of a dragon. He sets off, determined to face the Yagyu alone or with help, and the Rabbits tag along, Liu Fang somewhat hoping to see Khan's ego deflated.

Arriving at the Yagyu hideout, Khan is all set to launch a frontal attack, leading Liu Fang to caution him as to the skills of the Yagyu ninja. Khan retorts that striking fear in the people is probably their strongest tactic, only for the Yagyu to spring an ambush on the trio. As Khan and Fang fight off their attackers, a Yagyu Lord watches from nearby, expressing his admiration for their bravery, but warning them that reclaiming the stolen treasures from the Yagyu won't be an easy task. A trap door opens beneath the trio, dumping them into the Yagyu treasure room. As they lay claim to the valuables, Khan notes that he would have expected better security, only for the Kamezon Dragon to rear its ugly head and attack. Khan quickly identifies that the beast is a robot, but it still poses a serious threat, especially since its tracking device is locked onto Khan's Power Ring crown. However, Khan quickly remedies the situation by electrocuting the tracker, causing the Kamezon to mindlessly turn its attack on the Yagyu ninja, who flee in terror. Having reclaimed all the treasure, the siblings invite Khan to return home with them and bask in his hero's glory, but Khan remarks that doing so would ruin his image.

Story Four

"Ghost Busted"

Bonus Features

Gag Strips

Off Panel

Sonic and Tails eagerly head for the "Multi-Mega Comic Con". Sonic says he doesn't usually go to comic conventions, but he really feels like he has to this time. Tails assumes Sonic wants to thank his comic's dedicated readers, but quickly realizes Sonic only wanted to go to pick up the convention's free "Beany Bag Baby" toys. Written by Mike Gallagher, art by Dave Manak.


Key Events

  • Zonic finally reveals himself to Sonic as the one responsible for much of Sonic's inter-zone travel after Sonic is attacked by Ivanna Robotina of the Luna Zone, who is defeated thanks to Zonic recruiting Sally Moon, Chibi Rose, and Tuxedo Knux from the same zone.
  • Sonic recalls an instance in which Snively sped up his metabolism, which nearly resulted in his death before it was reversed by the other Freedom Fighters.
  • In the next story, Monkey Khan battles the Yagyu Ninjas, treasure thieves, who have looted treasure from the Temple of the Golden Lotus.
  • Khan defeats the Yagyu Ninjas with the the help of two Mobian villagers, Liu Fang and Liu Chi Mei, by using their robotic dragon that is guarding their treasure against them.

Background Information

  • The first story features a blatantly obvious parody of the anime series Sailor Moon. When the original solicitations and cover were revealed, fans actually thought that Sonic would be meeting Sailor Moon in some capacity. This obviously wasn't the case.
  • The fourth story in this issue is an adaptation of DIC's Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Ghost Busted" by Pat Alee, and is the only story not to have been reprinted.
  • This issue marked the debut of the Yagyu Clan, who would later reappear as part of the Iron Dominion starting in StH #200. A Yagyu Lord would not appear again until Sonic Universe: #14.
  • This was the first issue to feature Jay Oliveras as artist (making his debut in the fourth story), who's artwork has often received extremely negative reception.
  • The Matrix of Leadership from Transformers makes an appearance on page 6 of Running on Empty.

Reprint History

This issue's stories have been reprinted in the following places:

  • "Zone Wars: Prelude" and "Den of Thieves" were reprinted in Sonic Select Book 4
  • "Running on Empty" was reprinted in Sonic Select Books 5 and 10

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