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Ballerina Robotnik "Some Enchantra Evening" is considered Non-Canon by Mobius Encyclopaedia. See Background Information for more details.

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Story One is continued from Sabrina the Teenage Witch #28
Story Two takes place between Sonic the Hedgehog #72Sonic the Hedgehog #73
Sonic Super Special
Publication Details


Date Published 

July 1999

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • J.F. Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
First Appearances

Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 10 was the tenth issue of the Sonic Super Specials


Story One

"Some Enchantra Evening" - Chapter Two

NICOLE gives a beginning narrative from last issue. She narrate that Enchantra wanted to punish Sabrina for being insulted by her and hyponized Sonic from the other realm. Under her control, Sonic was attacked Sabrina, and she fought back when Sally appeared with NICOLE. As the story continues, Sonic runs towards Sally and Sabrina enraged, when Sabrina teleports him away. Sally objects to her method, but Salem steps inbetween them. He suggests that they work together to try and resolve this, when they believe that the culprit of this is Enchantra. 

Meanwhile, in her realm, Enchantra and her secretary Della manage to find Sonic on Mount Everest, transport Sonic back to Westbridge and regain control of him. At Sabrina's house, NICOLE finds Sonic's location in Westbridge. Sonic is heading to Sabrina's high school and teleports to head him off. Sally tries to stop her, but instead shows Salem another fact that NICOLE has discovered and they decide to confront Enchantra with the information. Meanwhile, Sonic runs about to attack the school, when he is tripped over by Sabrina. Both of them begin fighting using their abilities, which eventually leaves both Sabrina and Sonic knocked unconscious.  

Enchantra and Della are unable to get contact with Sonic, when Sally and Salem arrive and she demands that they listen to NICOLE. She explains that when Enchantra abducted Sonic, Sally and her entered through the same way. The portal remains open and will soon be discovered by their world's supervillains, and threatens that NICOLE will put it on Mobius TeleVision (MTV). Enchantra is shocked that; Naugus, Mogul, Nack, Drago, Crocbot, Dimitri, Kodos, Uma, Snively and Robotnik will come to her world, when Sonic and Sabrina enter her realm. Negotiating with the villian, they try to convince her to send them back to Mobius. She refuses at first, but Sabrina offers to discuss Enchantra's insult later, and she sends Sonic, Sally and NICOLE back. Sabrina and Enchantra resolve their argument and she is sent back to her house, to which Salem is upset that he never got Sonic to autograph his comics. 

Back on Mobius, Sonic, Sally and NICOLE wake up with no memory of their adventure. Sonic feels full of energy to set out on an adventure and Sally thought that Sonic wanted them to talk. Sonic declines her offer and runs off to fight bad guys, to Sally's disappointment. 

Story Two

"Zone Wars: A Tale of Two Hedgehogs"

On Moebius, the Anti-Freedom Fighters are completely bored of their state of the world, where nothing has truely happened since the king had been dethroned. Anti-Sally, tired of it all, chastizes Evil Sonic, then promptly tosses him out of the team. Seeking to regain his position, he's confronted by a mysterious figure, who asks his to retrieve the pieces of a mighty machine known as the Giant Borg.

On Mobius-Prime, Sonic's relaxation time is interrupted by the arrival of Zonic, who needs his help once more. Still annoyed over the Sally Moon incident, he nonetheless agrees to help him out. Arriving in Zonic's base of operations, Zonic gives Sonic the low-down on what's happening: Evil Sonic has disguised himself as Sonic and has convinced the other Sonics that he needs the pieces. However, to Sonic's surprise, one zone was revealed not to have a piece - that of Sonic Underground. After taunting Zonic over missing that zone during the mass gathering, he agrees to help out.

In the other world, Evil Sonic drops the pieces of the Giant Borg at the feet of the SU Robotnik. When Evil Sonic demands his reward, that Robotnik tells his lackies Sleet and Dingo to prepare him for robotication. As Evil Sonic yells at that Robotnik for his betrayal, the mysterious figure that wanted the machine laments at the loss, but decides to forego it as he has enough weaponry to get rid of Sonic.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Zonic arrive in the SU Zone just as that world's Sonic and his siblings Manic and Sonia finish a concert. SU Sonic attempts to shoo Sonic away, thinking he was Evil Sonic, but is able to convince him that he's not that Sonic. As Sonic finds out the story about this world's Sonic and his siblings, the five learn they have a bigger problem - Robotnik had reconstructed the Giant Borg. Working together, Sonic, Zonic and the Sonic Underground are able to defeat Robotnik and destroy the Giant Borg. As that world's Robotnik is left on a flagpole, the hedgehogs are able to free Evil Sonic and allow Zonic to arrest him. As things settle back down, Zonic tells him that Evil St. John had taken over the Anti-Freedom Fighters, causing him to pass out in horror. Zonic muses that this gives him the opportunity to eat Evil Sonic's chili dogs, and removes his helmet, revealing the silhouette of his true form.


  • Sonic: "*growl* Trip me, will you? I 8 when that happens! Figure 8, that is!"

  • Sally: "*tsk* Men!"
  • NICOLE: "I know...can't live with 'em, can't re-program their motherboards!"

Key Events

  • Robo-Robotnik hires Evil Sonic to round up the pieces of the Giant Borg.
  • Evil Sonic accidentally gives the pieces to a different Robotnik.
  • The Underground universe' Robotnik attacks with the Giant Borg but is defeated, the Giant Borg destroyed.
  • The following events took place in the non-canon first story only:
    • Sabrina and Princess Sally discover that Enchantra is the one behind Sonic's mind control.
    • Echantra relinquishes her control of Sonic after Sally threatens to bring all of Mobius' villains to the Other Realm.
    • Enchantra returns Sonic and Sally to Mobius, erasing their memories of these events in the process.

Background Information

  • The second story in this issue features a tie-in to the TV Show Sonic Underground.
    • According to Editor's Notes, the second story takes place after StH #72
  • Although not directly seen, the person who hires Evil Sonic is Robo-Robotnik.
  • This is the first Super Special where Sonic has green eyes.

Some Enchantra Evening

  • The first story is the second part of a crossover with Archie Comics character Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which originally began in issue #28 of her own comic series. Because it is seen as simply a humorous crossover, this story is not considered canon by this sites canon policy
  • This is actually the 2nd Sonic and Sabrina Crossover, the first one being Archie And Friends: A Halloween Tale that was released in 1998. This issue is also non-canon to the Archie Sonic Universe.
  • The incarnation of Sabrina featured in the issue is based on the popular live-action sitcom which ran from 1996-2003. To match the show, Sabrina is modeled on actress Melissa Joan Hart, who played her.

Cameos & References


  • "Some Enchantra Evening" - Chapter Two is titled as "One Enchantra Evening" in the table of contents.
  • Queen Aleena's gown design differs from the cartoon, as the cartoon as her in a white dress with gold accessories to it while the comics depict her wearing a basic purple one.
  • Drago is miscolored in this story, as well as Sleet and Dingo compared to their Sonic Underground counterparts.

Reprint History

This issue's stories have been reprinted in the following places:

  • "Zone Wars: A Tale of Two Hedgehogs" was reprinted in Sonic Select Book 4
  • "Some Enchantra Evening" - Chapter Two was reprinted in Sonic Select Book 10

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