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Cover of Sonic Boom #1

Sonic Boom is an 11-issue comic book series based on the eponymous Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off franchise. The series is set in a separate continuity from the main Archieverse. The comic began in October 2014 and came to an end the following September.


Set within the universe of the larger Sonic Boom franchise, the series consists of stand-alone stories that share characters and story elements with other installments within the franchise, such as its video games and television series, without being directly tied to them.

Unlike most of Archie Comics' other Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic Boom has a lesser focus on an overarching storyline, instead prioritizing short, lighthearted adventures.

The universe of this series also intertwined with the main Archie Sonic canon in the Worlds Unite crossover, alongside the universes of Mega Man, Mega Man X and various other SEGA and Capcom franchises.

The comic came to an unexpected end after the eleventh a issue, however it's been promised that stories from the Boom universe will continue to be told in other Archie Sonic publications.

Stories and Arcs

  • Getting a Little Boulder (#1)
  • Knuckleduster (#2)
  • Hammer-Spaced (#3)
  • Sticks and Stones (#4)
  • Eggtoberfest (#5)
  • Everybody's Super Sonic Racing (#6-7)
  • Worlds Unite (#8-10, SU#76-78, StH#273-275, MM#50-52)
    • Act I (SU#76, SB#8, StH#273, MM#50)
    • Act II (SU#77, SB#9, StH#274, MM#51)
    • Act III (SU#78, SB#10, StH#275, MM#52)
  • Eggman Gets a Gorilla + True Stories (#11)

Characters and Concepts





Background Information

  • Sonic Boom is the fifth Sonic comic book series to be published by Archie Comics, and the second to be considered outside of the shared Archie Sonic continuity after Sonic X. It also holds the less-than-appealing honour of being the shortest lived of the spin-offs, lasting for only 11 issues (undertaking the Knuckles series).

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