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Knuckles the Echidna
Publication Details


Date Published 

June 1998

Production Staff
Cover Artist

Patrick Spaziante

Ken Penders


Ken Penders


Manny Galan


Andrew Pepoy


Vickie Williams


Barry Grossman


J. Freddy Gabrie

Managing Editor

Victor Gorelick

Editor in Chief

Richard Goldwater


Archie Comics

First Appearances

Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 15 was the fifteenth issue of the spin-off Knuckles the Echidna comic series.


Story One

"The Chaotix Caper" Part Three of Three: "Picking up the Pieces"

The story begins with Charmy being operated on at the hospital by the echidna doctors. Meanwhile, Downtown Ebony Hare, Blackjack and their gang have thrown Julie-Su off a building with Ebony claiming that "it's business". He orders Blackjack to make tracks with him to the factory and confidently boasting that he'll have to watch out where they step on the street. Julie-Su manages to grab her gun and a grappling hook and grabs hold of the exterior of a building. She is forced though a window of an apartment to a sleeping couple and heads out quickly. She is stunned when she is grabbed behind, but is relieved that it is Remington. He directs her onto another path through the building, but notices one of the gang members. Remington takes him out and they rush back into Harry's taxi. They ask him to follow the car while wondering where they are heading to. In the car, Ebony is worried about the presence of Julie-Su and orders his professor via phone to begin shutting down their operation. They head to their factory to plan a back-up plan after they have laid low. 

At the hospital, Mighty and Vector are waiting in the reception relieved that Charmy is going to pull through. They are about to set off waiting for Vector to tune in his walkman. Espio turns visible after scaring Mighty and Vector manages to fix his plater and they rush towards the southtowns, where Julie-Su and Remington are. Meanwhile, Julie-Su and Remington are sneaking through the complex past dingoes and watch Ebony, Blackjack and the professor from above. In the streets of the city, Vector, Mighty and Espio notice Harry's taxi. Shocked by their appearance, he pulls a gun out at them until he recognises them. He tells them that they have gone to the Chemical Plant and they rush to help them.

Back at the factory, Blackjack is prepared to shut the factor down when they hear a noise closeby. Blackjack rushes to the noise and Remington tries to knock him out with a wooden plank, but to no avail. He is crushed under crates while Julie-Su appears to Ebony, who tries to shoot her. He manages to get her at close range when his gun is taken by an invisible Espio. Julie-Su punches Ebony away and her and Espio rush to help Remington. Blackjack is about to attack Remington when Mighty throws him into nearby crates, stunning him. Foxy Reynard watches the fight and runs off, but is caught by Vector.  

Later, the Echidna Security Team arrive at the scene and arrest the suspects and confiscate the sauce. They arrive back at Happyland Amusement Park to take the remaining sauce from the theme park with Renfield the Rodent protesting. Remington objects that they could always arrest him instead, but he calms down. 

In Haven, Sabre and Locke are still watching Knuckles and discussing about the strange powers he is exhibiting. Locke theorizes that it might be because he is channeling the energies of the Chaos Emerald, but Sabre believes it is more than that. Wanting to go home, Knuckles unknowingly creates a portal in the Badlands and teleports away. Sabre believes that they need to discuss this to the full Brotherhood, since he is displaying powers similar to Dimitri

At the Golden Hive Colony, Charmy arrives back along with Mighty, Julie-Su, Vector and Espio carrying Mello's coffin. He is greeted by his father , mother and sister before the funeral begins. After the funeral, Charmy thanks the Chaotix for coming and says his goodbyes to them that he needs to take up his responsibilities. Charmy is crowned prince in the ceremony with him narrating about how he found something more meaningful with his family.


Key Events

  • Charmy leaves the Chaotix to reclaim his throne as prince in the Golden Hive Colony.

Background Information

  • After this issue, Charmy didn't appear for awhile. He would make a brief return in Sonic the Hedgehog #93 and #94. After that, he would return full-time in Sonic the Hedgehog #138, where he would relocate to Knothole and rejoin the Chaotix.
  • This issue's cover is the second part for a two-part full image.
  • Ebony Hare says the line "What we have here is a failure to communicate". This is a reference to the movie Cool Hand Luke.

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