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Antoine's journal.

Antoine's Journal was a diary kept and updated by Antoine D'Coolette. Antoine's last known entry into the journal during the present day was shortly before he had been sent into a coma after sustaining severe injuries from Metal Sonic v3.5. The journal managed to remain intact 200 years later, where it was discovered by Silver the Hedgehog, which he used to help him hunt down the traitor to the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

The journals cover, aside from being inscribed with "Antoine's Journal", had the words "Private! Do not read! That means you, Sonic!" scrawled below by Antoine himself.


It is unknown when specifically Antoine began writing in this journal, or whether this is even the first. His last known recording in the journal during the present day (the year 3237) was the day before Elias Acorn and his family fled New Mobotropolis after Ixis Naugus had taken the thrown:

The recent days and weeks have been full of the highs and lows.
My darling wife has had her body restored, but our King--our TRUE King--has imposed the self-exile to protect himself and his family. The Acorns will take the Mobo-Cruiser from New Mobotropolis to Queen Consort Megan's old home in Feral Forest. I do not expect any of the troubles from Naugus WITHIN the city. There are too many witnesses.
The turnout for the farewell gathering is expected to be huge. I am not understanding--if the people love Elias, why are they putting their faith in Naugus? But that is something I will investigate later. Tomorrow the FREEDOM FIGHTERS will provide the escort to ensure that Naugus and St. John do not try anything.
It is my hope that with such a show of force, NAUGUS won't try anything foolish, and that we will be prepared if the Death Egg returns.
Sonic was the obvious choice to lead the ground defence. He can handle himself. Tails will, of course, provide the cover from the air, while Amy can take Sonic's place for the wing support. Bunnie and I will provide the back-up for Sonic. While I cannot refuse my brave wife's request to be joining us, I worry she hasn't adjusted to being "NORMAL" again.
If the Death Egg appears, I would find myself--how you say--divided. It would be giving us the chance to save our dear princess, but at the same time, I am afraid of what the Doctor has done to her.
No matter what challenge we meet tomorrow, or any other day, it will always be an honour to serve alongside my friends for the greater good.


The following day, Antoine and, what was left of, the Freedom Fighters proceeded to defend the Acorns departure from Doctor Eggman's attack, which would culminate in Antoine being caught in Metal Sonic's self-destruct, leaving him in a coma. (StH: #234)

200 years later, the beaten and battered journal was discovered in a library on Onyx Island by Silver the Hedgehog, who at the time was still attempting to hunt down the traitor to the Knothole Freedom Fighters in the past. Examining the worn book, with several words and paragraphs faded out, Silver came to the conclusion that Antoine was the traitor, upon reading many of his entries, including the very one he wrote on that day 200 years before:

...too many witnesses..."
It is my hope that with such a strong show of force... in Naugus...
...find myself divided...
...our true King...

Silver was then sent into the past by his master Mammoth Mogul, with the journal, to exterminate who he believed to be the traitor. Of course, he arrived only to discover Antoine comatose, and that he was wrong, again. (StH: #235)

Shortly after, Silver was recruited by Harvey Who into the Secret Freedom Fighters. As Silver worked alongside his new teammates to stop an evil Naugus plan, Harvey took it upon himself to figure out the traitor's identity, using both Antoine's present day journal and it's future counterpart that Silver had brought with him to the past, as a base. From this, Harvey was able to figure out that there was no true "traitor", and that due to misinformation brought about by a long, obscured history, the traitor was assumed to be Princess Sally, who had in fact been Roboticized and was not committing any treacherous acts under her own will. (StH: #235, #247, SU: #44)

Background Information

  • Silver states that the entry Antoine made on the day before Elias's self-exile was one of the "last few entries", implying that Antoine stopped updating after said entry. The reason for this is unknown. It's possible that this is an indication that Antoine never awoke from his coma in Silver's timeline.

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