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Sonic ATAP

The Another Time, Another Place version of Sonic.

Another Time, Another Place was an alternate Zone. Like most other realities, the zone was home to its own resident Sonic the Hedgehog who regularly saved his world from Dr. Eggman.


The following events are listed in the order of which they where published in the comics. Whether this is the actual chronological ordering of said events is unconfirmed.

Attack on the Little Planet

Metal Sonic was ordered by Eggman to fight Sonic in the Stardust Speedway on Little Planet, he was defeated and Sonic saved the planet. (SSSM: #3)

It's not specifically known at what point in the continuity this event took place, but due to Sonic and Amy appearing in their classic designs, it's assumed this happens at some point before the other stories.

The Marauders

Later Tails and Knuckles set up a trap for a group called the Marauders and their leader Shade who attacked Angel Island, to steal the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles fought them but was defeated and kidnapped. Tails then left to get help from Sonic, Amy Rose, and G.U.N.. (StH: #191)

Werehog Unleashed

Eggman attempted to use his armada to attack Earth, but Sonic-as Super Sonic-managed to destroy the armada and confront Eggman. Eggman managed to trap Sonic and drain him of his powers in order to fire a planet shattering weapon to unleash an unknown creature. However, he inadvertently transformed Sonic into the Werehog, and ejected him from the ship in terror. Sonic landed on the planet and, after returning to his normal form at sunrise, set off to defeat Eggman. (StH: #193)

Eggman's Amusment Park

Eggman built his own amusement park as part of a plot to capture members of the Wisp species,Sonic and Tails borded the ship to take a look and manage to rescue a group of Wisps from Orbot and Cubot before meeting Yacker, they then decide to stop Eggman's plan. (StH: #219)

Blast from the Past

A mysterious creature known as the Time Eater attacked Sonic on his birthday and kidnapped his friends, flinging them through time. Sonic then began his quest to save them, starting in the Green Hill Zone. (StH: #230)

Resurrection of Metal

Sonic later fought Eggman aboard the E.G.G. Station and defeated him, destroying the ship. Sonic then landed on the planet and met up with Tails who informed him that the Little Planet had returned. Sonic and Tails then headed to the planet while Eggman reactivated Metal Sonic, who had been on the planet since his previous defeat. (SSSM: #3)

Olympic Trials

Sonic and his friends decided to compete in the Olympic Games, but Eggman managed to trap everyone but Sonic while they were competing in their events. Sonic was then forced to compete against the rejuvenated Metal Sonic in order to free them. Sonic managed to defeat Metal Sonic and free his friends, though Eggman, Orbot, Cubot, and Metal Sonic escaped. (StH: #242)

Known Inhabitants

Background Information

  • This universe was introduced in order for the comic to feature tie-in stories to the latest Sonic videogames that take place in their own, self-contained setting rather than interrupting the narrative of the main Archie Sonic universe. The universes name is taken from the line that opens each of these stories "In another time, in another place...".
  • The Sonic games adapted in this universe (in order of publication) include:
    • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (StH#191)
    • Sonic Unleashed (StH#193)
    • Sonic Colors (StH#219)
    • Sonic Generations (StH#230)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II (SSSM#3)
    • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (SU#45)
      • The "Olympic Trials" story (StH#242), while not an adaption of any particular game, borrows several elements from the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series, with the obvious difference of the Mario characters being omitted. The story was mostly created as a tie-in to the real world London 2012 Olympic Games that had already taken place a few months prior.
      • A flashback in the Sonic 4: Episode II adaption implies that the events of the game Sonic CD also occurred in this universe. The recap that appeared before the story also implies Sonic 4: Episode I took place.
      • Another game adaption that is stated to be in "Another time in another place" is an adaption of the game Sonic and the Black Knight, however the exact nature of where this story occurs is left ambiguous. It's unknown whether the "In another time in another place..." tagline was in reference to the Medieval Zone where the game takes place, or as a part of the overall ATAP universe. As such, it's also unknown if the version of Sonic that appears in this story is the one from this universe, or the main Prime Zone version. Until further information is given from an official source, this story will NOT be included on this article.
  • While the name of Sonic's home planet in this universe is never stated, the presence of a USA banner at the Olympic stadium in Sonic #242 implies that they may live on a version of Earth.

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