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Angelus, the Babylon Guardian

Angelus the Babylon Guardian was a security system created by the ancient Babylonians in the image of a large, genie-like figure bearing a huge sword.


As a defensive measure against the "lightless black", Angelus was placed in the ruins beneath the Gigan Mountains by its creators, to watch over the key to the Babylon Garden. Angelus lay dormant for ages, until 3237 when Jet the Hawk activated a trap by taking the key. This sealed the Babylon Rogues in with Angelus as he ordered them to return what they took. (SU: #33)

While the Rogues at first believed it was just a hologram due to projectors scattered on the wall, Angelus surprised them by showing his image worked in conjunction with force fields, and could physically attack them. Angelus fought hard against the Rogues in order to uphold his duty, but each of them managed to break a projector, ending the assault. Without the projectors and force fields to sustain it, Angelus gave the Rogues a final warning to not take the key as he faded away. (SU: #33)

Background Information

  • Angelus' appearance is based on a character of the same name who served as the final boss of the SEGA game, Sonic Riders.
  • The name Angelus is the Latin form of the Greek "angelos," meaning "messenger".
  • It is unknown whether the game version of Angelus was a hologram like its counterpart from Sonic Riders; however, given the revelation in subsequent series entries that the Babylonians were a technologically advanced society from another planet, it seems highly plausible. However, this remains unconfirmed.

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