Angelo DeCesare is a former writer for the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Heavily involved in the first few years of the series' life, DeCesare's work mostly consisted of character pieces and side stories rather than plot-centric narratives.

Writing Credits

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog

  • #5: Full Issue
  • #6: "Sonic's Christmas Carol"
  • #7: Full Issue
  • #9: "What's the Point?"
  • #10: Full Issue
  • #12: "Bold-Headed Eagle" and "The Lynx is a Jinx"
  • #13: "Space in yo' Face"
  • #14: "Tails' Taste of Power"
  • #15: "Rockin' the 'Bot" and "Animal Magnetism"
  • #20: "That's the Spirit!"
  • #22: "Tails' Knighttime Story!"
  • #23: Full Issue
  • #26: Full Issue
  • #29: "Steel Belted Sally"
  • #30: "The Return of Uncle Chuck"
  • #32: "Blast from the Past"
  • #34: "To 'Bot or Not to 'Bot!"
  • #37: "The Day Robotropolis Fell"
  • #45: "Guerrilla Thriller"

Single Issue Books

  • Sonic Blast: "Bugged Bunnie" and "The T.U.F.F. Awards"

Notable Non-Sonic Works

DeCesare is also a long time contributor to the mainline Archie Comics titles, which he still writes stories for to this this.

Background Information

  • Despite his influential role in writing many of the series' first stories, most of DeCesare's characters were rarely seen outside of his own stories.

See Also

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