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For other versions, see: Angel Island (disambiguation).

Silver on Angel Island.

Angel Island, in an alternate future timeline, fell under the rule of the malevolent Dark Enerjak. After forcibly uniting the Dark Legion and the rest of the Echidnas, he set about bringing order to the world. This led to the creation of his capital, Nekronopolis, which over time became a deserted, war-torn ruin as Enerjak's Prelates did battle with resistance forces such as the Dark Freedom Fighters. The island was attacked at one point by Team Dark as part of a G.U.N. operation, but this effort was thwarted by Enerjak. The island later served as the site of a final confrontation between Enerjak and his daughter Jani-Ca's team of allies, which included the Dark Freedom Fighters and Silver the Hedgehog. (ASUB, SU: #25, #26, #27, #28)

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