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For other versions of this character, see Amy Rose (disambiguation).

Amy Rose in her Olympics outfit.

Amy Rose is a young, carefree hedgehog who appears in an alternate reality.


Sonic Saves Amy ATAP

Sonic rescues Amy after defeating Metal Sonic

When she was younger, Amy was kidnapped by Doctor Eggman's robot, Metal Sonic, and held prisoner on the Little Planet. She was soon rescued by Sonic after he'd outraced the robotic douppleganger. (SSSM: #3)

Much later, Amy appeared as one of the many guests attending Sonic's birthday party, all of which would end up being kidnapped and scattered through time by the mysterious Time Eater. (StH: #230)

She would next be seen competing at the Olympic Games, going up against Blaze the Cat and Rouge the Bat in a hurdle race, which is ended abruptly when Eggman springs his trap: transportation gates that the hurdles had been rigged with. Amy spends the rest of the events imprisoned with Sonic's other friends, until Sonic successfully defeats Metal Sonic in all of the events and rescues them. (StH: #242)

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