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Amanda Tower Anounces
Amanda Tower
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #257

Biographical information




  • Human
Physical description
  • Female
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin: Peach
  • GUN captain uniform
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Leadership skills

Captain Amanda Tower is a high-ranking officer of G.U.N. and the commander of the United Federation Air Force vessel Letter of Gabriel.


A World in Crisis

When Station Square was hit by The Shattered World Crisis, Captain Tower and the Letter of Gabriel were the first G.U.N. force to respond. They arrived just in time to bolster the taxed Knothole Freedom Fighters, who had arrived in their Sky Patrol base some time earlier and done their best to help evacuate civilians to safety. Captain Tower contacted the Sky Patrol and spoke with Princess Sally, thanking her for the efforts of the Freedom Fighters. Accepting her thanks graciously, Sally noted that the Freedom Fighters were used to working with Team Dark rather than with G.U.N. itself, and Captain Tower replied that the team was on another mission to ensure the planet's safety. (StH: #257)

Captain Tower was later joined on her vessel by Commander Abraham Tower and the members of Team Dark. Unfortunately, when the Unity Engines began merging their world with that of Earth 20XX, the Letter of Gabriel was fused with a government building in Mega City, causing an explosion. This resulted in the apparent deaths of all hands and the building workers, including Mayor Dorado. Luckily, Earth 20XX criminal Xander Payne later prevented Sigma from traveling back in time, preventing the Unified World's creation and thus the demise of Amanda and her compatriots. (MM: #50, #52)


Amanda Tower is a dutiful soldier with a commanding presence. She is also a consummate professional, fully willing to work with the Freedom Fighters and to offer them reassurance in the midst of a crisis.

Background Information

  • In her initial appearance, Captain Tower's relationship to Commander Abraham Tower wasn't clarified. Given that they share the same last name, it stands to reason that she is either his wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, or perhaps niece.
  • The concept for Captain Tower was likely drawn from the game Shadow the Hedgehog, specifically dialogue from Expert Mode on the Cosmic Fall level. In the level, Commander Tower's game counterpart mentions having recently become a grandfather, indicating that he has at least one child.
  • It's been noted that Amanda bears a close resemblance to Topaz of the Sonic X Zone.

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