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You may be looking for Alpha of the E-100 Series.

Alpha 100 Series
Form of Group and Statistics
  • Mechanoid Fighter Series
  • 21st century
Resident location 
  • Dr. Ivan Kintobor's lab

The Alpha 100 Series was a series of Mechanoids, or advanced robots, created by Dr. Ivan Kintobor, Dr. Niven and Professor Clarke using Xorda technology, but the only known unit is Isaac who appears to be the second of the line.



The only known unit, Isaac, was built in the 21st century (and supposedly so were the others) by Dr. Kintobor, Dr. Niven, and Professor Clarke shortly after the Xorda's emissary landed on Earth to forge an alliance. Dr. Kintobor and his team captured the creature, dissected it, and used its technology from the ship it came in to make a power matrix for Isaac. Presumably, the other units of the Alpha 100 Series were also given these power supplies. The Xorda became outraged at what had happened to their emissary, and launched an attack on the planet using Gene Bombs to wipe out humanity. Dr. Kintobor, however, had taken precautions and had himself sealed in stasis with Isaac monitoring his life signs until it was safe for him to be released. Isaac did this for the next 10,000 years, and it is assumed the rest of the series were destroyed during the Xorda's attack. (StH: #148)

After the Xorda's Attack

Rediscovered by Shadow and Metal Sonic in 3237, Isaac recounted his experiences of observing history from afar, including the first Day of Fury, the origin of the Chaos Emeralds, the first conquest of Mammoth Mogul, and the coronation of the first king of the House of Acorn. He joined Shadow in battling Metal Sonic and Sonic, but was left to his task. When the battle ended, Isaac remained in the abandoned building, believing the deceased Dr. Ivan Kintobor to be still alive, and waited for his next orders. (StH: #146, #147, #148, #149)

Some time later the Dark Legion rogue Dr. Finitevus had stumbled across the abandoned building and Isaac. The robot proved to have corrupted computers, having spent thousands of years protecting Kintobor's corpse, the professor having long since perished. Having downloaded what was left of the eroded data, Finitevus found a cache of ancient nuclear missiles. The missiles were sabotaged by Rouge the Bat, however, before she fled, and Isaac was presumably left where Finitevus had found him. (StH: #165)

Background Information

  • It is possible that the Alpha 100 Series served as the inspiration for the E-100 Series made by Dr. Eggman thousands of years later.
  • Although there has been no mention of any other Alpha 100 Series units outside of Isaac, Isaac does have the numbers 102 on his side similar to E-102 Gamma, suggesting that Isaac was not the first in the series and there are more that have yet to be seen.

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