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177 Elias family

Alexis with her parents.

Alexis Acorn is the daughter of Megan Acorn and step daughter of King Elias Acorn. Due to her heritage, she is ineligible to take a place on the throne of the Kingdom of Acorn. This is fine with her step-father, as he does not want his children involved in a life of politics.


Birth and Infancy

Megan Acorn became pregnant with Alexis some time prior to the death of her first husband, Alexis' biological father. Some time later, Elias met and fell in love with Meg, marrying her and raising Alexis as his own after she was born. The family originally stayed in Feral Forest, but relocated to Knothole after Elias took his father's place as king. Alexis was briefly captured along with almost everyone else and sent to the Egg Grapes after the Destruction of Knothole, but was subsequentely rescued and moved to New Mobotropolis where she lives with her parents in the new Castle Acorn. When Amadeus Prower and his wife infiltrated the castle in their efforts to convince Elias to step down as king, Elias had NICOLE move Megan and Alexis to safety. (StH: #155, #175, #176, #179, CSE)

Background Information

  • There was much controversy of Alexis's origins, due to different writers. Originally she was supposed to be Elias's daughter with Megan. This was retconned in issue StH #155, where Queen Alicia stated Alexis was Elias's step-daughter. Furthermore, Elias had only run away from Knothole for mere weeks, yet in Megan's first appearance which was only weeks later she was clearly very far along her pregnancy, and thus Elias could not have been Alexis's father. Current writer Ian Flynn confirmed on the Archie-Sonic blog she is the step-daughter of Elias. (1)

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