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King Alexander

Alexander Acorn

Alexander Acorn, also known as Alexander the Unifier, was the first of the Acorn lineage and the first monarch of the Kingdom of Acorn.


As the various species on Mobius began to develop following the devastation of the planet caused by both the Xorda's destructive attack and the natural disasters around the planet that followed, Alexander noticed that the various species had particular skills and unique abilities. He decided that if the various Mobian species were to work together, substantial progress could be made. Alexander had hoped to include the Echidnas in his community, but they chose to isolate themselves and form their own colonies, as they had not only developed at a far greater rate (by this point in time, the Echidnas in Albion had already ventured out into space), but felt the knowledge they could provide might be more harmful to Alexander's community than good. Additionally, Alexander attempted to appeal to the Overlanders, but their aggressive tendencies proved them incompatible with the Mobians. However, the various other Mobian species which did ally under his banner formed the first multicultural city on MobiusMobotropolis. Due to his insights and his leadership, the Mobians made him king following the creation of Mobotropolis. He was succeeded in rule by his son Theodore Acorn. (StH: #71, #148, KtE: #12, CSE)

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