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An officer of the Albion Security Team fails to prevent Dr. Finitevus's escape through a Warp Ring

The Albion Security Team was the chief law enforcement organization in Albion and counterpart to the Echidna Security Team of Echidnaopolis. The AST took its orders from the High Council of Albion. In 3236, the Albion Security Team was brought in after Gala-Na learned the captured High Sheriff had regained consciousness. Before they could respond to the situation, Chaos Knuckles teleported the disabled High Sheriff away with Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot to their ship, while also sending Rob O' the Hedge and Amy Rose back to Deerwood Forest. Shortly afterwards when Chaos Knuckles was apprehended by the bounty hunters Nic and Nack the Weasel, the Albion Security Team showed up to take Knuckles into custody. (StH: #91, #93)

Following the mutation of Dr. Finitevus after his use of the Chaos Siphon Suit on Chaos Knuckles, the mutated echidna was treated but later placed in custody after he began using his new powers to create dangerous inventions. His euthenasia was ordered by the High Council, but Finitevus evaded the Albion Security Team and managed to flee from Albion via Warp Ring. Following this, the Albion Security Team was utterly crushed by the Eggman Empire invasion led by Dr. Finitevus, as the albino echidna sabotaged the cities defences. (StH: #182)

Albion Security Team officers are typically armed with Particle Chargers. (StH: #91)

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