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Alan Quail
Alan Quail
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #46

Biographical information


Physical description


  • Feathers: Grey
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Blue/grey tunic
  • Blue boots
  • Blue gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic combat
  • Swordsmanship
  • Musical skill

Alan Quail is a bard and member of the Mercian Freedom Fighters based out of Hideaway in Deerwood Forest.


Becoming a Freedom Fighters

At some point in time, Alan joined the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters after their leader, Rob o' the Hedge, saved him and his sweetheart from the Eggman Empire.(CSE)

Comrade of the Chaotix

Alan and his teammates, while working hard to oppose the efforts of the Mercia Dark Egg Legion, were unexpectedly visited by Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel of the Chaotix. The Freedom Fighters provided the pair what information they could on Mighty's missing sister, and had intended to join the pair in a daring raid on Snottingham Castle, the Legion's base. However, a surprise attack by the Legion on Deerwood Forest forced the heroes to defend their home, and Mighty and Ray took off alone after helping them thwart the invaders. Some time later, their teammates Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee arrived in search of their friends, and Alan joined the other Freedom Fighters in coming to their defense as they were attacked by a group of Legionnaires and G.O.O.N.s.

Retreating to Hideaway, their hidden refuge, the Freedom Fighters explained to the Chaotix what had happened when their comrades had visited. Alan couldn't resist taking over Bow Sparrow's narration with song, which his fellow bird joined him in, though the two were briefly halted by Thorn the Lop. After Espio came to the same conclusions about Mighty's sister that Mighty had, Munch complimented his sharpness, prompting Alan to make a jab that he had doubtless been "honed to a point off dullards like you," earning Munch's ire. When Bow told of the battle they had fought against the Legion with Mighty and Ray's help, Alan burst into song again, and was joined by Charmy, Vector, Bow, and Friar Buck, though Espio, Thorn, and Munch declined. After realizing that the pair had disappeared, the two teams resolved to invade the castle and learn what had become of them, freeing Grandmaster Mordred Hood's prisoners in the process. They made their way into the castle, unaware that Lord Hood was well aware of their secret means of entry. (SU: #46)

A trap set by Hood quickly made the group aware that they had been discovered, but they pressed on regardless. Alan and his teammates used a Warp Ring lent by the Chaotix to infiltrate the dungeons and free the prisoners. Lord Hood and the Legion soon arrived to engage them, and Alan began composing and performing a ballad on the spot. After being accosted by the more pragmatic Munch, he expressed that he was fully aware of the seriousness of the situation. He then proceeded to dispatch several foes with his mandolin before returning to his playing, annoying Munch further. Regrouping with the Chaotix, the team led the prisoners to safety in Hideaway via the Warp Ring, escaping the Legion's clutches. A momentous celebration followed, after which the Chaotix departed to continue their search for Mighty and Ray.(SU: #47)



Alan Quail sings and plays his musical instrument.

Alan is friendly, jovial and clever, though not without a mischievous streak. A bit of a poet and a bard, he loves to dramatize events in song, sometimes making exaggerations about himself while making sly comments about his fellow Freedom Fighters. A constant target of his antagonism is Munch the Rat, whom he views as a dullard due to Munch's coarse manner. The pair are also polar opposites in some ways: Munch is typically serious, while Alan tries to remain upbeat and positive even in the darkest situations. The constant chorus to all his compositions is "And a hey-nonny-nonny!", and he has been known to sing even in the midst of battle.


Alan is a skilled warrior, whether wielding a sword or using his trusty mandolin as a club.

Background Information

  • Alan's name is a reference to Alan A'Dale of Robin Hood lore.


Alan is a grey quail with gold eyes, blue markings and a somewhat stout build. He wears a grey tunic with a blue collar and a brown belt, with blue gloves and boots.

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