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The Acorn Archipelago is a series of islands that make up the Kingdom of Acorn, the capital of which, Mobotropolis, is located on Westside Island. (StH: #281)


In ancient times, a civilization of Trolls rose to power in the land once known as Pancardina. Utilizing their elemental powers, they brought forth a new age of prosperity and world order with their cystalline magic and tech. The crystals mines that increased their magical powers - such as the Hidden Palace Zone on Westside Island - still exist in the modern day. This era was brought to an sudden end by a catastrophic event that blasted Pancardina into a series of islands that would later become the Acorn Archipelago, with the Trolls being all but wiped out overnight. The last known survivors being Walter Naugus and his twin sister, Wendy. (StH: #276; SU: #70, #88)

Some time later, the Kingdom of Acorn was established in the Royal Hills Zone. The current reining monarch being King Nigel Acorn. Shortly following the retirement of Dr. Ellidy, King Acorn collaborated with two former G.U.N. scientists, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and his apprentice Dr. Julian Snively. Secretly organizing a takeover, they convinced the king that the United Federation was planning to seize the kingdom for personal gain. The king secured them positions in the royal court for their efforts, allowing the villains complete access to the islands' resources. Eggman's forces began working to strip-mine South Island while constructing the Death Egg on Westside Island, and to hunt down the Chaos Emeralds. The King eventually caught on to their evil scheme but he was banished by the doctor to the Special Zone before he could act alongside Naugus. (SSD: #12)

As Dr. Eggman's coup d'état commenced, Princess Sally and the other children within the city were spirited away by Rosie Woodchuck and Professor Charles to Knothole Village in the Wood Zone. Rotor had the misfortune of arriving in the city during the coup and was forced to quickly retreat to Knothole with everyone else. (FCBD: #8)


Background Information

  • While the archipelago itself is a concept exclusive to the comics, the two known islands that make it up originate from the video games.
  • South Island being a part of the archipelago has yet to be mentioned in the comics, only being stated by Ian Flynn.

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