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You may be looking for Abby from Light Mobius.

Abby was a Mobian prisoner in the Zone Jail and Fiona Fox's cellmate. She'd been in prison for thirty years, giving her a high place in the prison hierarchy. As with many others in the jail, she was quick to dismiss Scourge the Hedgehog as "Snot," though she held a higher opinion of Fiona. When the Destructix enacted their escape plan and opened all the prison's cells, Abby was quick to loudly declare a jail break. (SU: #30, #31)

Background Information

  • Abby bears a tattoo that reads "Jellystars" and her prison tag reads "PRKM." These are both in reference to her X Years Later counterpart; the latter specifically refers to the fan-nickname "Photo-Realistic Koala Maid."

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