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You may be looking for Abby (Zone Jail).
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Abby serving food.

Abby (Light Mobius) was a Mobian koala who worked as a housemaid in the unaltered version of the Light Mobius universe. Abby served the Guardian's family, which consisted of Knuckles, Julie-Su and Lara-Su. Abby was responsible for maintaining their household, and seemed to have a strong dislike for King Sonic's son Manik. She listened in on a conversation between Julie-Su, her sister Lien-Da, and Queen Sally, offering her own occasional comments. She also helped welcome the royal family upon their arrival, earning a scolding from Julie-Su for her opinion of Manik. (StH: #136, #137)

Abby has not appeared in the alternate Light Mobius timeline: it is unknown whether she still existed.

Background Information

  • While her role may have been brief, Abby has become somewhat of a running gag amongst the Archie Sonic fanbase, due mostly to her unusual design. As a result, she is often referred to under the fan nickname "Photo-Realistic Koala Maid".

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